Saturday, September 27, 2008

Creating JACK

Remember the guy who bought me a ring? Well, what's very interesting about that situation is that I never told him my real last name. I don't remember ever telling him it was Martinez, but that's what he thinks my last name is. In fact, just a few minutes ago, he called me and said, "Hello Mr. Martinez. How are YOU?"

It took me a bit to compose myself so as not to laugh uproariously into the mouthpiece - and no sooner did the call end did I text Jaded to tell her what happened. Her response, in classic JADED-JACK vernacular?


Right then and there, I realized I had found JACK's last name. It just HAS to be Martinez. It *must* be.

And so it shall be.

-JACK Martinez


PhlyyGirl said...

OMG. I'm on the floor at the list!
"Jack ...Lopez? Nahhhh
Jack Gutierrez? Maybe...
Jack Martinez? Yeaaa. Mr Martinez!"

I'm soooo mad at that. How in the flying fuck did he buy you a ring and not know your last name. Talk about keeping it real gone WRONG!

The F$%K it List said...

This is too funny! Jack Martinez it is then. Though I was leaning more toward Jack Castilio in honor of my favorite restaurant.

fuzzy said...

Well hello Jack Martinez! lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I'm with phlyygirl how you going to buy anything for someone who's last name you don't know? I guess he doesn't follow your online dating rules huh.

JACK said...

phlyygirl: My story is this - I told him my last name when we met and he just kept getting it wrong and I felt bad to correct him. How's that?

f$%kit: Cute - but it HAS to me Martinez. HAS to be.

Fuzzy: Well, hello there, sir. ;-)

Dave: He's not too bright in my book. I kinda feel bad for him. So bad that I posted it on my blog for all to see.