Friday, September 12, 2008

You don't know JACK

Hi folks - I'm JACK. I said I wouldn't post pictures of me and especially none of my kids, but on this the 100th post - I figured I'd give it a shot. Some of you have been faithful readers for several months now and it's only fair you know what I look like - especially since most of you have pictures up of yourselves. But rest assured, this post will die VERY soon. I won't leave it up long because it defeats the purpose of anonymity.

I took this here picture the other day. I was on the couch and being lazy as fuck - and I wanted to show Jaded that I was on the couch. Amazingly, she replied with a pic of her on HER couch. That's where you'll usually find me if I'm not online, at work, commuting to and fro or hangin out with the babies. On the couch. It's so THE place to be. After I took the picture, I decided I really liked it - it didn't so much look like I was lazy. Those look like bedroom eyes, I thought. But I know my bedroom eyes - those aren't them. But still - I looka like uh man.


Super Dave Van Buren said...

You have beautiful kids... and you don't look white buddy. You definitely on the "Others" team just like the rest of us... lol

clnmike said...

Those kids are too cute, they do look like daddy. You have a reason to be so proud. Congrats.

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO @ dave calling you one of the "Others"


I love that Chucky Cheese pic because you guys look so silly, like that whole day was just full of unadulterated silliness times ten!!

and PS- you just inspired me to post my "couch" pic sometime in the near future... maybe I'll use it as my new profile pic lol

T. R Xands said...

Sweet lord your children. I can't handle it. They are so beautiful & precious! Your son looks like he's scheming something in every foto though...

Haha, "others". You actually remind me of a light skinned version of my buddy, except he's...Cuban? Is that bad?

JACK said...

Super Dave: Thanks re: the kids compliment. And YAY! I'm on the "others" team. (The implications there are endless)

clnmike: Awww, they look like me! TAKE THAT, PF! And I'm still sittin here waitin for you to bat for our team, dammit.

jaded: Yes, isn't it GREAT! "Others" LOL. We were playin the FOOL at Chuckie Cheese that day, ok? And seriously, pics of us on the couch should be like the ONLY profile pics of us. Everytime I text you from the couch, you on teh damn couch too.

T-Rex: Awww - thank you! I love my babies. My son is a clown - that's his face all the time. But he's rarely up to no good ... that I know of. I'm sure in school he's a little mother fucker. How about your friend is a dark skinned version of me? I'm sure I'm older and I refuse to play second fiddle. ;-)

PhlyyGirl said...

Ha. You look about as white as Javier. Lol. You are pretty hot though.
Your kids however, are gorgeous!!!
You're gonna be chasin boys off you're daughter reallllll soon and your son looks like he's gonna break hearts one day.
They look so happy and well loved though so hats off to you.
I want a beautiful family like that one day.

JACK said...

awww, Thanks Phlyy. My daughter so pretty it pisses me off. And she's shapely - fucking drives me crazy. I mean - she's SIX! I should start feeding her organic food. She already drink soy milk ...

And my boy? Yuh - he's got tons of fans already. He still naive and doesn't know what to do with it. It annoys him when those little girls be up on him wanting a kiss when it's time for him to leave - he's looks at them like their impeding his progress to get up out of there. lol.

Juan G said...

What a beautiful family -- reminds me of mine when they were that age. I have my grandson this week and he truly makes it all worthwhile. Congrats on the 100th post

clnmike said...

Jack you can tease your self if you want but it's like that En Vouge song:

"No, you're never gonna get it (Ow!)
Never ever gonna get it (No, not any time)
No, you're never gonna get it (My love)
Never ever gonna get it."


The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO@ clnmike!!!

Tell him!


clnmike said...


He can go ahead and try me if he wants, Im strictly on the kitty, lol.

The F$%K it List said...

LMAO@ clnmike!!! No you never gonna get it.

Aww Jack look at you so HANDSOME! And the kids. I now know why your kids say you are white though, ahahahahah.

JACK said...

Juan: Hope you had fun with your grandson!

clnmike:*counters with en vogues*

free your mind, and the rest will follow ....

Jaded: keep it up, carajo. Just keep it up!

f$%kit: lol - I'm pretty damn pale, aren't I. And the flash just doesn't help.

143 said...

aww dam im late didnt get to see the kids picture but you sure as hell look good on that couch, dam its giving me flash bak bout when we had a whole house full and dem ass holes took your couch remember ??? Panchos dam fam!!!

JACK said...

143: LMAO @ panchos damn family. That sure is *MY* couch, carajo.