Sunday, September 7, 2008

What was I thinking?

My ex sister-in-law asked me to watch her son today. he's 5 months old. And I said yes. Her man was working overtime and needed to sleep and so at 2 PM today, she dropped him off.

He's a sweet baby. Really, he is. He's so happy, just happy. He didn't cry all day. But I kept him visually stimulated - we went to the mall. Now, while I am Puerto Rican, I'm pretty light skinned and at first blush, I'm usually mistaken for a white dude - especially since I have light brown hair. If you look really good, you'd notice the dark features, but most don't.

So, there I am walking around the mall with my 6 and 5 year olds, who are brown skinned and this little 5 month old who's Kunta black. I got a lot of looks. The one that got me was the one from this dark skinned indian/asian looking woman, who looked at me, then at the boy, then at me, then at my kids ... and then smiled. I didn't return the smile.

Navigating the mall, crowded with the Saturday regulars, with three children is a fucking mess. Now, don't get me wrong - my kids are well behaved. They stick to the rules and don't wander, lest they get they get beat THIS close to Jesus, but still. The entire time, this 5 month old was wide-eyed and not a peeo out of him. And he loved it when I kept jammin that straw full of Strawberry-Banana smooties into his mouth. I wondered if he would get a freeze headache, so I kept giving him more. But the greedy little bastard just kept sucking the straw dry. Aw well - I tried.

When I lef the mall - I had a bag of clothes I bought me at Macy's (holy HUGE sale in there), a king sized comforter set my ex mother-in-law wanted me to get for her, a bag from the Disney store ... and my daughter's hair was flat ironed and diva-ish. Oh, and the fucking baby bag.

While in the salon - that kid was the star of the place. He smiles and laughs heartily at anything and there's something about the hearty laugh of a 5-month old that women just love.

I bathed the little fucker when we got home, thinking it would wear him out, but no. The little bastard didn't fall asleep until the drive back to his father. What. The. Fuck, Man! Whatever - he'll sleep for his daddy.

So, that's my Saturday. Ahhhh, the life of the single dad. I know - you're jealous. Don't hate.

8 comments: said...

sounds like a perfect day to me.

The Jaded NYer said...

if I didn't know you, and saw you cruising the mall with three kids that didn't like like you, I would've have taken a pic on the sly with my camera phone and blogged it under the title:

You Need A Paternity Test, Dude!



JACK said...

*stares at Jaded blankly*

The F$%K it List said...

Sounds like a fun day to me, ok well only the sale at Macy's. I like to go to the mall alone, no baby no Mr.F-K it. Drains my shopping energy.

JACK said...

f$%k it - Macy's is what made it better. Bearable. I'm a clothes whore.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lmao @ jaded.

I refuse to watch anyone elses kids. plus you gave him a bath? oh your a nice uncle, ex-uncle, whatever.

JACK said...

That child isn't bathed enough - his parents are ghetto as hell and I just knew I had to bathe that boy.

143 said...

LOL Jack I know the looks u got i get them all the time and to top it off i even get the assholes at the doctors office asking me if my kids are foster kids due to there last name LOL now how dum can u get.