Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homework Cometh to me ...

No sooner than I tell the lurkers that there's a contest for those that comment on my blog (with Boris as the prize!) than I post this blog about the fact that I need to kind of, um, focus on my studies.

Folks, I'm two classes shy of graduating with my masters degree. And I was two weeks behind - got caught up and am still two weeks behind. How the fuck does that happen? I tell you how that I happens - you blog daily, read a dozen other blogs too, and don't do a fucking thing for a class that tells you right in the syllabus, "this course requires a substantial amount of reading."

And let me tell you - this bitch was NOT lying. She's a masochist - I'm certain of it. And she slammed my last paper because it wasn't in an academic voice and the APA style was all wrong. But I used the template from one of my final papers for another class .. and I got a 100% on that paper. So, whatever - fine! I'll redo it and relearn YOUR way of doing this.

That's the way life is anyway - new boss, new way of doing things, no questions asked. Fine.

But I need to take a station break for one week so I can read all the shit this bitch ass professor assigned us - rewrite my paper - post the assignment I didn't do yet - give feedback to my classmates on the assignments THEY'VE posted, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, did I mention I am teaching a 2-day course next week? And that I need to review the material because even though I just taught the course last month, I don't want to appear rusty. God forbid I stand in front of the room and begin with, "Hi, My name is JACK .... which one of you is JADED? F$%K it - I don't care. One Man's Opinion, blah blah blah - everyone's got one. Just sit there and take notes in your Baby Daddy Diaries while i prove to you that I"m just a happy go lucky bachelor who's not shady, just fierce. And if anyone of you mumble over there talking about 'look at this nigger,' you gonna find out about the world as I see it."

Because ya' mother fuckers' blogs is the only shit I been reading and ya' are seared on my brain like blogger took a branding iron to the soft tissue beneath my skull and erased everything else known to me. I have created a few posts for the coming week, though not daily, and will do Monday Musings with Jaded as promised and then I'm spending the rest of next week in my stupid, bitch ass text book about social research, even though between you and me .. that's what the fuck BLOGGING is!!!

Shut up - JACK can rant too, carajo!

Carry on.


clnmike said...

Whats up man,

This blog has been awarded the Honest Blogger award for the good work done over here.

Pick it up at:


PhlyyGirl said...

ROFL@ the whole "Hi my name is JACK" spiel. That was cute.
Don't worry, go do your work. The blog world will be here when you get back to it. That's the beautiful thing about us: EVERYONE has archives, ya dig?!?
Plus when we have to address you as Master Jack Smartass, Ed.D, Ph.D JD, whatever it wll allllll be worth it.
Happy reading. Let me know if you need a highlighter. LOL

T. R Xands said...

*dies* I was in this almost exact situation last week. I had to sit down and get busy on some SHIT on top of my internet withdrawal...

Get that shit DONE son! Fuck some blawgs...until you're done that is.

kj said...

LOL, Jack! It seems you have a lot on your hands in the upcoming days. I wish you luck, and I hope you catch up those 2 weeks that you somehow misplaced.. err?

The Jaded NYer said...

Didn't I tell you to get the hell to work YESTERDAY?!?!


Super Dave Van Buren said...

You mean you have a life outside of blogging? Take whatever time you need to catch up on real world things. blog would will be here when you get back.

The F$%K it List said...

Masters First, Blog second. We'll all be here when you get back.

That Dude Right There said...

Yep. I think most of us bloggers have been in your shoes. I was once reading 35 blogs a day. 6, yes 6 hours a day was spent reading blogs.