Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OOoohh - I *am* on Candid Camera

I knew it was too good to be true. He mentioned before that he had an interview for a job in Vegas and that he's go through the motions but he really didn't want to move his kids out to Vegas. But I guess I didn't catch on - but today he went a step further. He mentioned this job interview again, but this time said "because I'm definitely moving out of Illinois."

Excuse me - but why THE FUCK are you alluding to this actually becoming something long term? Why THE FUCK are you wooing me? How would we be able to FUCK when you move out of state?

As it is now, he's three hours away from me, from either place. But now you're telling me you're moving out of STATE?!?!

This shit doesn't make sense to me - exactly why, WHY, would you embark on a serious relationship when you know good and God damn well that you're planning on moving?!? And folks, understand me - this is what he is LOOKING for ... he frequents the gay online dating scene and to this point has played the shy role and is very timid and blushes and does all that stupid shit (because it's stupid now, right? I know, I know ...) and is totally intending on skippin' town!

I figure at least he tells me before we actually do any official consummating of ANYTHING ... but I'm kinda mad at myself for not addressing the issue when he told me. But when the words were uttered I sort of just froze and was a bit pensive, immediately wondering if he mentioned that part the last time he mentioned Vegas and I'm not so sure that he did. Either way - I got questions ... and let me TELLLLL uuuuuu, that nigga better have answers! (I all bold now cuz he's not on the phone at this moment - I know, I know .....)

*mumbles underneath breath incoherently*


Anonymous said...


I think he wantsyou to come with him. Go on Jack...move to Vegas.

BTW..I am so liking this paint job better than the other one. Much easier to read.

The Jaded NYer said...

what's his number? I'll straighten this out ASAP

*gathers up Ray-Ray n dem*

JACK said...

Irene: Me? Move to Vegas?!?! For a nigga??!?!

We must not have met. Hi, I'm JACK. Pleasure to meet you.

Jaded: Just send ray-ray n dem to O'Hare, I'll pick them up.