Sunday, July 13, 2008

I just FEEL different

Take a look around - things have changed.

I've finally gotten off my ass to do something about this place - it was your run of the mill blog and it needed a coat of paint.

I actually accepted a request to babysit a 4 month old. Seriously - he's right there *points* Now relax, the little nigga is sleeping. I would never blog, totally ignoring him if he were awake and wanting attention. No, instead, I would totally change his diaper, lace his formula with benedryl and make sure he was fed REAL good. But I wouldn't blog.

Actually, he's just such a great baby. He's just low maintenance. He'd have to be if I agreed, ok? But he's happy, loves to laugh and talk and is all in all ... like I said ... a great baby. His mom and dad wanted a night out, a date. So, what the hey - I've got my own two kids with me and it's not like I'm at the bar with the dude who just called me to tell me he was going out because he finally had some free time and it's not like I am out getting laid like I so would if I met up with him tonight. No, alas - I'm home with three kids.

See - responsible JACK.

And, of course - I painted the blog up a bit this evening too. So, two birds - one stone ... Oh, did I tell you that I'm taking an independent study and should probably have been reading this textbook, but instead I was shalacking up the blog?

See - responsible, procrastinating JACK.

(NOT cheap, crabby-ass whore JACK)... Mhmm, Yuh - you know who you are!


The Jaded NYer said...

lookit you with a fresh coat of paint!

and stop lying- you KNOW you gave that baby some Benadryl... fast-ass, crabby whore!

(LMAO! I never get tired of saying that!)

JACK said...

1) That baby slept through the night except to wake up for a bottle at like 2AM. But I did NOT drug him!

2) Do you *LIKE* my fresh coat of paint? Or no?

3) Mira, PUNETA!!!!!! Callate, ya.

The Jaded NYer said...

I do, I do likey... and how you get that label list all sacttered like that? I'm jealous and I want one. "Y YA!"


JACK said...

LOL - I'm not sure - it came with the template. I guess the code is there somewhere, but then I'd like have to go digging and stuff ... and really, who wants to do that! LMAO

And I love it when you said Y YA! I totally get it now.