Sunday, July 13, 2008

Merriam-Webster, Eat your heart out

I'm not one to give plugs (I mean the publicity kind, by the way), but one of the things I have been doing since I was in college is making up words and laughing my ass off at how ridiculous I can be. And throughout my adult life (go figure), I have been doing so with various people who find it fun. I can't even remember some of the ridiculousnesses I've come up with (that's one of them) and some of them were REALLY, REALLY good. JADED stole some of them in a recent post, that I'm too lazy to link to, so I can't very well use those ... so, let me see.

Oh, one time a friend and I made up a whole new religion. And we called ourselves APATHOLICS. And we agreed that we would never tell anyone the tenets of our faith because we just didn't care to. Once when we went out on a smoke break, some dump truck or semi or something drove by on the state route on the other side of the retention pond from us and used his air brakes to slow down (I *hate* it when truckers do that, by the way!) and she quickly turned to me and said, "Doesn't he know that we're apatholics? I don't care for all that noise."

And so it goes - for the most part, it's just fun and we always say we need to start writing some of these things down ... but as apatholics ... right.

Anyway, I came across this Website and just laughed and laughed ... because someone actually did it. Maybe it's old news and you've already seen it ... but I just think it's great that we all make up words and that I'm not some freak (or cheap, crabby whore, as it were).

Anyway - so I thought I would share - because I'm wont to sharing, that's why! Because even though I don't care to wake up at the same time every day, or be on time to work on a regular basis, or shower every day ... I still like sharing. So stop judging. I don't care for that either!

Be careful posting things you want credit for, though - the fine print is that yoru entry may become the property of U.D. ... if you don't care - have fun!

... and let them know JACK sent you (because that and two bucks will get you on the red line in Chicago)


Sh@ney said...

Sounds cool to me, though there have been times I have made up words on the fly and even I have no idea what it meant. :P

I think I want to be an Apatholic! *winks*

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And you are more than welcome to PYK!


JACK said...

sh@ney - I don't care whether or not you join apatholicism. *winks back*

The PYK set is fun - I shall be there again and again.