Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ah yes - Jesse needs a set of nuts ...

I've been prompted to weigh in on the topic, and indeed I thought I would, but didn't. But ALRIGHT you twisted my arm.

I see a myriad of issues with Jesse Jackson's comment, chief among them that the fucking idiot would assume that that microphone right there ... *pointing* ... yes that one ... would be set to the off position. Assuming the man ever did have common sense, where did it go? For instance, let's consider the following footage:

I'm not sure if you bothered to watch it all the way through, but if you didn't ... speed it right up to about 00:04:58 ... it's off topic, but still it's funny as hell.

Anyway let's see what happened here ... hmmmmm, the media is present. Yes - yes they are. There are cameras and microphones ... yes - yes there are. And all of them seem to be working, evidenced by the fact that you can HEAR everything and there is an almost incessant flashing of lights. Proooobably from the camera. Hmmmmmm ... the folks behind the cameras and the microphones are THE MEDIA. yes - yes they are. And hmmm, let me see ... ONE OF THEM GETS HIS FOOT CAUGHT BETWEEN BRITNEY'S PIRELLI TIRES AND THE PAVEMENT ALL FOR THE SAKE OF EXERCISING HIS RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF PRESS!!!!

Now, what does the media do at about 00:04:58? Oh, they turn the cameras to the nigga that got his damn foot run over and start asking HIM to speak into the mic.

Cut to Jesse Jackson in front of a mic ....


Secondly, Jesse Jackson's son WORKS ON THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN! So, let me see - if I publicly insult this person who my son supports ... yuh, that's not going to cause any family rift. And that's probably a really good predication considering his son's PUBLIC response to his dad's words:

"Reverend Jackson is my dad and I'll always love him. He should know how hard I've worked for the last year and a half as a national co-chair of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. So, I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself."

Oh, did I fail to mention his son was the CO-CHAIR of Obama's national presidential campagin. Oh, well he was. Now remember ... the mic is sitting RIIIITTTTE there.

Thirdly, the comment itself. Castration? You want to castrate Obama? So he won't procreate ... or because you need a set of your own? Or, Sir, do you need so personal a mantle piece to honor the black man who is doing now what you couldn't do in 88? You know, I'm just asking .....

FURTHERMORE, don't get me started on the historical significance of castrating black men! After you cut off his nuts, you'll probably want to deny him a seat on any bus and why not just call him a house n***er right to his face? He *is* a little lighter than you and, who cares ... the mic right there - right, the one RIIIITTTTEEE there - probably isn't working anyway. The media really isn't THAT insane, is it?

Of all the things I've read - I really like these two articles:

Washington Post
Here, we see how his son really feels.

AOL News
Now this one I really like - it analyzes how Jackson's remarks are likely to give Obama a bit of a boost in the polls.

In closing - I would like to say this, Mr. Jackson. I'm not calling you Reverend Jesse Jackson anymore. Mr. Jackson, or Jesse Jackson ... but you really don't deserve to be revered or so respected. Your apology should have been very simple ... I'm sorry I said that, I don't know what I was thinking, I really don't mean it ... etc. etc. etc. but it was riddled with explaining why you disagree with one of Obama's stances or another. Seriously, Mr. Jackson - you're old news and nobody much cares what you think anymore. So save it. How's that for freedom of speech?

Incidentally, if you need balls, grow your own already.



The Jaded NYer said...

DAYUM! tell 'em, Jack!

When i saw that story I was like "WORD? You want to cut off his BALLS? Damn, Jesse... you is what we here in the GHET-TO call A HATER!!"

Not only that, but he's hating on what Obama said when-

1- it's true (Obama's statement on balck people), and

2- Bill Cosby said the same ish not too long ago. Does Jesse want HIS balls, too?


JACK said...

No - Bill Cosby isn't accomplishing what he could not - so Bill can keep his nuts.

The Jaded NYer said...

oh, okay.

they're probably full of pudding anyway...


JACK said...



*me meo*

The F$%K it List said...


I think its time we send old Jessie back to NC and give him a rocking chair and Arnold Palmer.

I could see if Black men as a group had followed through on the million man march and made changes to build up the black community but NOPE that's not it. Still one too many deadbeats named Tyrone running around.. So maybe we need to hear more of these kinds of speeches until someone gets it through their thick skull. Oh wait, maybe some should tell Jessie Jackson that since he at one point was a deadbeat adulterer .

When Bill Cosby said it, Jessie was running around with his keep hope alive arse supporting him.

JACK said...

I'm focusing my independent study this summer on adult education in the black community ... reading a book right now called Freedom Road: Adult Education of African Americans. It's really good. And part of my stance on the topic is that there is always a duality, a counterweight to any leader in the black community. Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson; Booker T. Washington/Dubois; MLK/Malcolm X .... etc. etc. I think it stems from a place within blacks that has been put there by whites. I know it sounds crazy - but consider light skinned/dark skinned; civil rights mentality/hip hop mentality ... Why the FUCK do we need to have something to argue against? Why?! Can someone please actually CHOOSE to be agreeable outside of nodding at the mfer with the roach when the dude next to you says, "toke and pass, nigga, TOKE AND PASS!"

I can't WAIT to write my term paper.

The Jaded NYer said...

if you put TOKE AND PASS NIGGA in your term paper and get an "A" you will forever and always be known as LORD AND MASTER JACK- King of the Written Word...

JACK said...

hmmm - a challenge ... WATCH ME!

The F$%K it List said...

I totally agree that within the black community there is duality. It stems from slavery. A tactic that was used by Massa to make you think that because you may be his bastard child and lived in his house (house nigger) you were above the field niggers. Its classic divide and conquer.
It is however a sad shame that even with all the advancements we as a people have made, this still works.

The MLK/Malcolm X would be an awesome one to research. AS MLK became more radical and Malcolm started to change his views and lean a little bit more towards working within the system, Massa (this time in the form of the FBI) took their lives.

OHHHH I am excited about you writing this term paper. And yes if you manage to get toke and pass in I will go along with Jaded and call you King of the written word!