Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Groucho JACK

This commuting and telecommuting is exhausting and it's catching up to me. I've been short with the kids and I really need to figure out how to get to sleep - like where I should be now. Aw well. But, it's SERIOUS. Consider the following conversation:

JACK (to kids): I'm sorry - I'm just tired and grouchy. You're not doing anything wrong - daddy's just tired.

Daughter (to JACK): You've been grouchy for TWO days now.

And as I looked at this child, I just KNEW she really *is* gonna grow up to be a Black woman just fine.

... especially because she held up two fingers at me when she said it.


The F$%K it List said...

She held up two fingers, did she tilt her head to the side? If yes then she will be fine indeed. LOL

Blogging surely doesn't help, go to sleep darling! Oh wait am I up commenting at 3:30 (please ignore)

clnmike said...

Hey whats up.
Stopping by to check outyou blog.

Thats a cute girl to say that, typical black woman in training, lol.

JACK said...

F$%K it - she didn't do the head tilt, she did the eyebrow raise. *mumbles at fate*

clnmike - if that child isn't gonna go up to be her mother, then I don't know about nuthin'. She is TOTALLY in training.

The Jaded NYer said...

did she mumble under her breath as she walked away? because that would be her PRican side in training.



JACK said...

I *wish* that child _would_ wanna mumble under her breath. I'd punt her like a field goal attempt from the 50 yard line.

Aqui the only mumbler is ME.

Mrs. Manny Ramirez said...

Those little one's can be sobering, they have wisdom beyond their years and more attitude then we know what to do with.

JACK said...

Sobering indeed, Mrs. R. I just had to let it slide. The other day, when she looked at an oncoming car and said "Oh, CRAP!" I sorta let that one go too ... so, I guess I'm just accepting that she's getting older. I remember when Jaded told me to enjoy the precious years before the girl learned how to speak. I totally get it now.

Miss P said...

oh em gee... no you did not say you were gonna punt your daughter like a football! i am so about to get fired cuz u cant stop laughing out loud at your blog!