Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pimp and Circumstance

You may or may not know that I applied to graduate school while going through my divorce. Amidst all the crazy (and when I say crazy, I mean in-fucking-sanity), I made a concerted effort NOT to live in the moment, not to fester in the stress. So, I looked forward. And let me tell you, preparing to take the GRE while reading and re-reading draft after draft of my decree of dissolution of marriage and arguing about child custody issues and making sure I beat the University’s application deadline … THAT shit was *not* easy.

But I knew that I knew that I just plain fucking KNEW that there was going to be life after divorce. And I wasn’t going to wither away and die because my wedding ring was coming off and my children were moving out. I was going to adjust and I might as well start right now. So, I did it – I ROCKED the GRE and got accepted. I started the road to ME right from jump.

Working full time, traveling lots for work to boot, having my kids 1/3 of the time (including volunteering at kindergarten at times) going to school and all that shit has finally paid off. Folks, I have ordered my cap and gown … and there’s a hood too!

(I love it that I just ordered a black hood, btw)

No distinction or anything, though. Who the hell knew that a 3.73 GPA gets nothing. Aw well – it sure as hell better get me a diploma or those mother fuckers are going to find out in May that I already have a Masters degree in Ethnicology. And I *will* get ethnic.

Believe you me. I. WILL.

I’m sure they’ll have my diploma.

Anyway – I’ve decided that I want a class ring. I'm gonna be ALL pimped out on graduation day - TRUST. The ring is like $700 though … hmmmm.

Dear Dad: Guess what you’re getting me for graduation? Oh, and btw, I need to orderit now so I have it for graduation. Thanks. White gold, my name engrave on the inside, MS on one side and 09 on the other. Simple really. No choice in stone – my school requires it to be a garnet. It’s an ok red … at least it’s not some chartreuse looking stone, right? Thanks – JACK!


RunningMom said...

Congrats!! I can't wait to be done with school... I have about another year. I'm still suffering through Intermediate Algebra.. It's sucking the life out of me.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Congrats on graduating. I don't have any class rings and for $700 I damn sure wouldn't get one. haven't you given them enough money? that should be free.

143 said...

OMG im so dam proud of u CONGRATS u r the dam Man one question
Do i get to keep the 700 dollar ring as well LMAO

JACK said...

LMprAO. You know I thought the same thing. LMAO. 143143143143143143143