Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. I left Vegas one day early in order to be there for her on her birthday. I wasn't even supposed to GO on that trip, but in December my coworker asked me to go and I insisted that I had to fly back in time to pick up the kids, and he agreed.

So, I landed in Indianpolis, got my car and picked up the babies from school, ordered pizza on the way to the supermarket, picked up her princess cake (because she asked for a princess cake) and then went on to the house. I had piled the presents up on the dining room table before I left for Vegas because I knew it was going to be tight when I came back. I was proud of myself for having that much forethought because usually I'm actually quite "fly by the seat of my pants."

But this is my baby girl we're talking about!

My son had three presents - an outfit I bought when I was last in NYC, a Scooby Doo coloring book and a Mario Kart Nintendo DS game ... because he loves cars and the last mario brothers game we had belonged to my baby girl. We always get the other child a little something when one has a birthday - it's just what we do.

My daughter had an outfit from NYC, another blouse, a princess DS game, three sets of pjs, a high school musical activity set, tons of knick knacks that I couldn't fit into her Christmas stockings (yes, I saved it for her birthday from before Christmas and YES, she did have more than one Christmas stocking on the mantle), a few tubs of finger paint and some hannah montana stickers and such.

She tore into her presents before the pizza arrived, her aunt came over with the baby cousin and then we ate pizza and cake. MMMMM - pizza and cake. YUM. (I decided no more marble cake - I prefer the white cake)

We played around on the floor for a while - the kids would all pile on top of me, I'l shake and wiggle and yell EARTHQUAKE ... and they'd all fall all over the living room. The 11 month old waited until there was a maylee all over the floor and would crawl over and start smaking faces. That part was both not cute and cute all at the same time. And when my kids would pile up on top of me again, the not-so-stupid 11 month old would get the hell out of dodge until the melee ... then he was back over smacking faces.

It was all fun and games until I saw my daughter put a blanket over her aunt on the couch. Wait a minute ... this bitch taking a nap!? This mean I gotta watch the 11-month old! Who the hell signed up for THIS shit? Dammit!

But momma dukes is a little bit ghetto, a litte bit stupid-bitch (to be REAL honest) and I decided that my watching the 11-month old was better than having her awake. So I let her sleep. And besides, it was cute to see my daughter take care of her aunt like that. She's such a nurturer.

Except that wasn't going through my head when she was yelling, ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE DADDY while she pounced on me.

But they can pounce on me all they want. (even if my knees hurt today - is that supposed to happen in your 30s?)

Happy to be back in the cold, thanks to the babies ...


(P.S. I'm happy to announce that my 7 year old is still willing to be my "Baby Girl" even though she's already 7. So, all is good still. All is good)


RunningMom said...

lol @ the 11 month old getting out of the way. Smart kid!

So I'm guessing that their "Aunt" isn't your sister...?

Glad you made it back safely!

JACK said...

No - their aunt is their mom's sister. Long story, short version: I'm closer to my in-laws than my ex-wife is. So it was her sister immitating a beached whale there on my jennifer convertible.

The Jaded NYer said...

THE BITCH IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey BOO!!

Happy Birthday to Baby Girl... how you spoil her so!!

and that baby, hmmm, I wonder where he learned all that slapping nonsense??

*calls CPS. Again.*

clnmike said...

Happy belated birthday to your little mini me on estrogen.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Happy belated b-day to your daughter.... I'm sure she will always want to be your baby girl.