Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Picky because I *can* be

Well, you all know JACK can be a handful ... (shut up!) ... and that I tend to shoot from the hip ... (shut up!) ... and I'm pretty straight forward (tee hee) ...

But, I tend to be rather picky. And in my meeting new 'mens' my tendency to BE picky always comes up. I usually just want people to know that *I* get to choose who I'm giving it up to ... cuz I got it like that.

(Seriously, if *I* don't think that way, who will? It's about self-perception and self-esteem - we should all be that way)

I had this one online conversation with a dude that said he was sexually spoiled. That was an interesting concept - I have *NO* idea what that's like. The dude is good looking, has a big dick and is in decent shape. And let's face it, that's really all it takes to get it whenever you want it, right?

Well ... THAT and you have to be WILLING to fuck anyone with a heartbeat, I suppose.

Anyway - it got me to thinking about why I go so long between "events" ... and I've concluded that I'm simply NOT willing to jump on any dick with a pulse. If I were, sex would be everywhere, all the time and I'd spoil myself.

But I don't.

SO ... all that to say that I met this one dude and we've been chatting for a while. And, well, you know how it is when you spend only one week talking to someone but you do it throughout everyday and well into the night and invest all those hours a day ... it just seems like a lot longer.

Well, it's been like that.

And for now - I'm willing to share only the short version: I've been smelling my hand a lot today.

*coy smile*


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Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol... i think we all need to be a lil picky on who we screw.