Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have job, will travel

Well, folks - my job takes me out of town this week and I won't be reading your wonderful blogs, nor will I be posting anything on mine. Unfortunately, I'll be on on expenses all away from home. Poor me will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

I'm SO excited to be going to Vegas again. It's such a fun town. Although, I must admit that I haven't had the privilege to experience the what happens in vegas stays in vegas rendevous ... really, the only thing that stays in vegas is my money. Everything else I can talk about freely.

This was a great weekend. The kids and I managed to free princess toadstool and we were so fucking happy. You have no idea. It was a total family effort to save that bitch.


Did you know that after beating nearly 100 different boards and gathering stars, and taking keys from bunnies (which really isn't quite the lesson I REALLY want to be teaching my kids)

[yo, kids, when you see the defenseless, steal they shit!]

... we finally free princess toadstool and she asks us to go BACK into the fucking castle and bake a cake with her!

I'm not shittin' you - bake a damn cake! Now, the whole video game thing is new to me ... I haven't ever owned a video game system - ever. And so, the kids each got a Nintendo DS Lite for xmas and I've been a fucking mess over the damn thing. So, anyway, maybe you knew that all the ungrateful bitch had to offer was a piece of cake ... and NO, she wasn't offering CAKES, it was a fucking piece of ACTUAL cake! Whatever - it was a sense of accomplishment anyway.

so, there you have it folks - I managed to juice the weekend for that amount of joy. And it doesn't escape me, the fact that I've totally been into that fucking video game (and others!) and that now I'm going to vegas ... where last time, the Deal or No Deal penny slots at the Flamingo actually stole from me!

... the same mother fucking day that I was running so low on money that I stopped putting the maximum bet into the machines and turned over triple sevens on this slot machine with a 2X multiplier

and because I played ONE quarter instead of three, I didn't get the $10,000 ... I got $10.00.

... and THAT was after I was playing the $0.02 slot and didn't play the maximum bet and won 50 free spins that earned me $17 instead of $340.

I'll just buy a lot of mauve and baby blue M&Ms and pretend I hit it big.

Have a great week everyone!


clnmike said...

Just had to brag about Vegas huh?

Anonymous said...

You may have lost money, but you got the TB. I mean you got to SEE TB, which made it all worth it.

Oh, and I still blame you for the $100 I was up and then lost when you made me keep playing at the Luxor. Bastard.

Darius T. Williams said...

MGM Grand, huh?

So what!