Tuesday, November 11, 2008

JACK's Babies

So, I called my kids last night ... and their mother actually answered the phone! (TWICE I called last week and no answer. At 7PM! And their bedtime is 7:30, so I know they were home. She just doesn't answer for whatever reason. Annoying as fuck!)

This was the first time I was able to speak with them since the election, so I was thrilled. I told my daughter that we were going to have a new President. She yells, "BARAK OBAMA!" Yuh, we doing ok raising these two. (Even *IF* they momma won't answer the phone when I call!)

Anyway, my daughter was talkative, to say the least. She just went on and on and on about the 'randomest' of things ... They have a new set up in her classroom where you can start EARNING dollars (fake money, of course) instead of just losing them when you misbehave. Each day, they start out with five dollars. Apparently, she ended the day with SIX! Her goal is to get 10 in one day. I am so proud of her. Apparently, that time when she came home with 3 dollars and I flipped a switch on her little 6-year old self, I made an impression.

"We get 4's and 5's in this house. You hear me? I don't want to see this 3 business NEVER again. Understood? We don't send you to school to disobey your teachers and hang out with your friends. You're there to learn. And I don't care one bit what your little friends do ... they're not mine. 4's and 5's in THIS house!"

"ok, daddy."

And now? Her goal is TEN! She's a brainiac, sensitive to the core and HATES to disappoint any grown ups ... so, this one is in the bag.

My son? He gets on teh phone making helicopter sounds and yelling like a siren.






*laughing* "yes, daddy?"

"How was your day, papito?"



LAWD have mercy - when will I learn to stop asking this boy closed-ended questions! He's a total boy.

They're both estatic that I will pick them up one day earlier this week - on Thursday. It's my birthday and they're coming home with ME, you hear me? We discussed what type of cake and ice cream I should get ... and we're going to have a GREAT weekend ...

... mainly because I'm buying a half sheet and that fucking cake is gonna last at least a week.

I so love being a daddy.


The Jaded NYer said...

mmmm... cake....

(and YES, that's all I took away from that post...cake... did you NOT check the calendar?!?!?!)

Kieya said...

LOL i love sheet cakes!

"We get 4's and 5's in this house. You hear me? I don't want to see this 3 business NEVER again." -- that took me back to grade school when I brought home a C on my report card; let me just say that was the last time lol. Your such a good poppa, hope u enjoy your bday with the babies!

JACK said...

Jaded: I know what the calendar says, dammit! Did you not notice that I'm gettin a half sheet for me and two kids?!?

Kieya: awww - thank you, girl! I really try to be a good daddy. And oh LAWD please help that child if she bring me home a C. *crosses self*

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO @ *crosses self*

Poor babies if they EVER bring home a C....

thegayte-keeper said...

so nice to see that you have a relationship with your children

The F$%K it List said...

Sheet cake is so yummy!

I thought I missed your bday, let me send you that check for $5 towards your magazine. hehe

Darius T. Williams said...

Awww - isn't being a father the greatest. I mean, that's what they tell me - lol.

One Man’s Opinion said...

You sound like one hella daddy. Just incase I am not around on the Thursay, you have a Happy Birthday and a great day with the kids.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I asked my daughter what she learned at school and she simply answered "everything"... that was quick lol

You son sounds like a true boy, quick answers and helicopter noises. He has his priorities in check.

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL...you are too funny! Your son is going to be a chip off the old block...except not as chatty. lol

smh @ the ex not answering the phone