Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open Windows

As I looked at my computer screen, I realized something. I had several windows open and I squnited at them, realizing that it was a good snapshot of me. I encourage you to do the same exercise, list the windows currently open on your screen and comment in this fashion:

Open windows, in order from left to right: gay network for black men, interface for my research course, blogger, work email via outlook Web access, blank word document

Commentary: It seems that my priority is dating gay Black men. Following that, I feel passionately about my MS degree, and will apparently blog before I respond to work emails.

I'm so fucking mad right now that this is pretty accurate. DAMMIT!


Mrs. MR said...

Facebook, Yahoo mail, Google Toolbar Installer, Blogger/me, Blogger/you.

I'm checking in on my peeps or I'm desperate for a social life and I will settle for an online one, I've looked @ work email all day time for personal ones, technologically up to date, checking mine and other blog activity.
A little hit, a little miss-not a bad snap shot.
p.s. Amel Larrieux plays on itunes.

PhlyyGirl said...

blogger/you, blogger/me, iTunes, facebook

Apparently, I had to get to you through me while I let the soundtrack of my life play as I get a little stalking, I mean catching up with friends done.
Clearly none of these windows are the work window that I need to be opening up. I think I'm bout to open up a damn porn window so I can relax and carry my ass to bed. LOL

The F$%K it List said...

Twitter / Blogger me / Blogger you / Fug Girls (NY Mag)/ Gmail/ GChat/ AIM

This pretty accurate. I like to see what folks are doing on twitter while I blog away (reading and writing). And I can't go a day without NY Magazine.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - I do this all the time - and I'm amazed at what's open and what shouldn't be open - lol.

Kieya said...

blogger & itunes...thats it.

commentary: kieya doesn't give a f&ck about the midterm due friday and is waiting til the last possible minute to procrastinate

Super Dave Van Buren said...

SSH connection to a server/gmail/google reader/ blogger(you)/music player

Work comes first then email then reader then commenting and music.

The Jaded NYer said...

Web Browsers: gmail/pandora/blogger-you

Documents: "My documents" folder/Work Email/2 word documents for the MA client/Adobe pdf document for the MA client

Of course I STAY on GMAIL all the live-long day, and w/out pandora I might have to kill somebody... the work stuff, well, you know, I DO have to do SOME work or they might fire me LOL

JACK said...

Mrs. MR: LOL @ settle for an online social life. Join the club!

Phlyy: You mean not do any work?!? Huh. Weird.

f$%k it: NY Magazine. Got it.

Darius: WHAT A COP OUT! LMAO. You don't play fair.

Kieya: You mean no homework? Huh. Weird. Check out phlyy girl - you two would be good friends!

Superdave: You are too well put together for the rest of us. We now have to be bad influences on you.

Jaded: Of all the people to say she's trying to work, I wouldn'tve guess you. Weird.