Friday, October 31, 2008

Jennifer Hudson

The vibe in Chicago when the Hudson family's tragedy hit was ... heavy. I don't know how else to explain it. When the DJ on the local radio station asked over the airwaves for someone to text him a picture of her nephew so that he could text it to the thousands of phone numbers he has ... I realized it was different.

The thing is, this tragedy isn't any different than the tradegies that have been happening in Chicago this year - and several people have mentioned to me that Jennifer's fame doesn't make it more tragic. It brings it more noteriety, yes ... but I remember that nine year old Black girl who disappeared from her front porch only to be found sexually assaulted and dead in the alley down the block. It's just been awful in Chicago.

And you know what? I was reading an article on AOL about it, it's one of those where readers can leave comments - similar to blogging. Anyway, some skinhead (I'm sure) left a comment to the effect of "Black on Black crime is great." It was bold - but mainly because it was anonymous, right? I can't imagine that anyone reading this blog would do NOTHING if the man was standing next to you talking that ying yang ... hence, he hides behind his computer.

But anyway - I am seriously digressing. Here's what I've been thinking - let's do something productive. The teddy bear and balloon drop offs at their house were nice ... how about we all make a concerted effort not to burn her CD's but all actually go out and BUY it. How about THAT?

I bought the CD today - and for real, it's HOT. Song number four gave me chills. If I ever have a committment ceremony, I'm totally playing it. I just love it.

So, how about it - support her and her family in THAT way ... buy a CD, tell everyone else to do the same, frown on the people who burn or steal it ... and come on, let's do something productive for her ...

Again, not that her tragedy is worse that any of the others going on in Chicago this year ... but, it's something we can do, right?


Go buy her damn CD!


thegayte-keeper said...

yeah it is sad what happened to her family...

clnmike said...

Well said.

Curious said...

Buying the CD will help support Jennifer Hudson? Financially it will, but how about creating an atmosphere where crimes like won't go unpunished. Where people actually start to commit themselves to their community and bringing criminals to justice.

JACK said...

I don't disagree, Curious ... But the idea that she's going through what she's going through and we're going to steal from her too? That bothers me.

I agree about creating that atmosphere, but you have to acknowledge that the "no snitching" culture is pretty strong. How about we start with agreeing that the "no snitching" policy does NOT apply when children are involved. All those subscribing to that policy should be able to agree to that, no?

That policy should not be honored when children are involved - period.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I didn't even know her CD came out. I might have to check it out. I know pushing music is the last thing on her mind right now.