Friday, October 3, 2008

Caption Contest - October 3, 2008

You know how it goes - submit your best caption in comment for the following pic:


The Jaded NYer said...

"It was no coincidence that immediately after the Chinese Government allowed BET to be broadcast in the People's Republic test scores began to plummet around the country"

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Dude to polluted air and tainted milk Chinese babies began grown giant ape like feet. the govt responded by offering families these foot gloves in thier choice of colors.

clnmike said...

"Damn!!! Thats the last time I drink milk out of the breast of a drunk Cambodian."

fuzzy said...

"Mommy took all of my socks and put them in that bin behind me. Then told me to wait! I waited and waited, but my feet got cold so I put these on!"

JACK said...

LMAO @ jaded. PERO AYE DIOS MIO! LMAO. Perfect 10 - love how you captured the damn rubber glove AND the stoned, sleepy eyes all in one caption!

Superdave: ape-like feet! HAHAHAHA. 10/10

clnmike: lol - you're getting better at this. 8/10. Dique cambodian breasts. lol

fuzzy: Cute. I like. 5/10