Sunday, October 5, 2008

a glimpse into JACK

I have a few weaknesses, and although I absolutely refuse to list them here for the world to know and see and use against me (did I just reveal too much right there? ), I will indeed say that there are several songs out there that have a profound effect on me, songs that cannot simply fill the air and drift on by me but that instead that permeate through me, fill my chest with tension and fill my eyes with tears. Others put me in a trance. I'm careful as HELL not to get caught out there like that, though, and you will never, ever find me around if these songs that makes me all sappy comes on on the air. I will change the station or leave the room if I have no control over the airwaves.

The first time ever I saw your face
Look, I don't know what the hell Roberta Flack was thinking - but DAYUM, give a mother fucker a break. After all these years, my posture gets just a little bit better by about note number 4 of this song. And by the time she sings 'i felt the sun rose in your eyes,' I'm fighting the water in mine. And so many people have tried to remake this song - Lauryn Hill sang it, George Michael sang it, Celine Dion sang it. And it's one of those songs that people just need to leave alone. Back the fuck up and stay away from this bitch, mother fuckers - you can't touch it. And then, I heard Leona Lewis sing it ... and my posture got just a little bit better by about note number 4. My mother in law likes this one better than the original - that's debatable of course, but I gotta say that Leona does it for me. And her rendition get a thumbs up from JACK.

The weakness in me
I heard this song only recently, and it's the one that inspired this post. I didn't even know who Keisha White was (sorry to all those K.W. fans, I just didn't know). When I heard it, I found myself listening to it over and over, and over and over again. When I latch on to a song, I'm wont to burn it, for days on end. Ask anyone close to me - it's best to just not be around me when I get like that because it's all you hear and it will drive you crazy - but that's me. Apparently, it was written and performed by the Indigo Girls some years ago - but whatever ... K.W. is where I heard it first and I'm not even interested in any previous version. And I don't care want ANYbody says, bitch is WARRING that dress in this video, and that glance she gives the pianist at the end makes me just wanna eat her UP.

So High
This is what made me a John Legend fan - when this nigga sang, "and we can't get much closer to God than where we are," I wanted to propose. Admittedly, this song puts me more in a trance than it does make me tear up ... but it's damn close. At about 03:20 in this video, he kisses the FUCK out that woman, doesn't he? mmm mmm mmmmm

Safe from harm
I get chills from this one - the Faith in me knows Bebe got it right with this one. I could definitely listen to this for hours when I'm feeling low, or anxious or whatever. Bebe betta SHANG! When he hits the high note singing, "in the eye of the storm there CALM," The chills reach an apex for me. (Yes, I said "SHANG" and "apex" in the same post)

So you would know
This one is too much for me to explain - just listen.

I just wanted to end this post on a not so 'drippy wet' mood. I love the shiznit out this song. (And i have the ONLY crush on Toni - just do.) When I was dating 'THAT mother fucker' I had this song on repeat one night to fall asleep to and it played through the night. He came home when I was already asleep and in the morning he wanted to know if I had this song on repeat all night because of him? Uhhhh, no - I just like it. Maybe that was the wrong answer - he wanted to assure me he was all mine. Ummmm, yay? I dunno. I still like the song even though he tried to ruin it for me.


Super Dave Van Buren said...

The only song there I knew was the John Legend joint... lol

thegayte-keeper said...

GREAT selection ESPECIALLY the last one...

Darius T. Williams said...

Hey - I just added a new post.

The F$%K it List said...

LOVE THIS POST! All of these songs bring tears to my eyes when I hear them.

I first heard K.White on my beloved Pandora and I got chills.

As for John Legend So high is a wonderful song but when I hear Slow dance, oooh wee tears will flow.

iCandy21 said...

great songs, but let me be the first to inform you...I AM IN LOVE WITH TONI BRAXTON!! I'mma marry her one day, I'm convinced!

JACK said...

icandy - I sat front row at her Revealed concert in Vegas ... and she let me feel up her leg. I thought I was going to die right there ...