Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I would like to play a little game. I don’t have the largest blog readership, but I do wonder what you all think – so comment away, but only if you’ve never met me in person.

Having read my blog so far – tell me, what do you think JACK looks like? What mannerisms does he have? How does he dress? Do you think he has any piercings or tats? Which ones and where? What color hair do I have? Eyes? How do I sit …do I cry easily? You know – just have at it.

I’m looking forward to read the comments from the brave souls who accept this challenge.

*gets shit list and an ink pen*


The Jaded NYer said...

I say you look like every other PRican on the planet, no? don't y'all look the same? No? oh... my bad...

Kieya said...

Well, I'm gonna assume you're a flyass dresser. Dapper even.

I can see you being a frequent user of "the side eye" to reckless ass broads walkin thru the streets...esp when around Jaded NYer.

In fact, I think your facial expressions may be the funniest thing on earth to experience in person

um....brown/green eyes? 5'9 & 1/2?
and you only cry at sappy movies?

thats all i got buddy

clnmike said...

Ok from what I have gathered from your posts, you seem very intelligent, very aware of your appearance, maybe a little cocky about it, (understandable so am I), well traveled or at least been out side of your home town more than twice, engaging, friendly.
So I am going to say, clean shaven, maybe a little chin hair, slim an fit, well dressed, or organized in apperance, as in hair done shoes clean. From your last post I can assume that you look like a Boriqua (not sure if I spelled that right.)
And thats it.

Anonymous said...


I would say 5'6"
About 175 pounds
You have greensih brown eyes
You could probably use a tan
You dress well
You cross your legs when you sit

JACK said...

jaded: and you wonder why I picture mailed you the side eye ...

Kieya: I do wear my emotions on my face - can't help it. If I think something someone is saying is stupid, it's all over my face. 5'6" not 5'9 1/2" - Sappy movies don't necessarily make me cry, really. But i do like them. Dapper more than flyass, I think. More corporate, less street.

clnmike - correct on all fronts. Well done.

irene - ONE SEVENTY FIVE?!?!?! Where's my machete .......

The F$%K it List said...

Here are my JACK Stats:

height: 5'10 (but you say 6'
dark hair, brown or chestnut eyes

Master of all things side eye and when you are annoyed folks know it.

Lover of all things black (wink wink)
And lets leave it at that, this is the person I have created in my head,