Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello the 2010s!

January 1, 2010 - 7am. My son throws up in my bed. (Yuh - that's about right.)

10am. Sister-in-law calls and wants to bring her kid over.

11am. At pancake house with sister-in-law, her kid and my kids. The kids are all happy to be together. The sheets are in the washer at home.

2pm. Sister-in-law says she needs to go cuz her friend is going to help her take her hair out. (micro braids) "Unless YOU want to help me," she says. (Yuh - that's about right, too)

"I'll see you next time," I respond.

3pm. Kids are whining like crazy - I send them to bed for a nap.

5pm. Heating up pizza for dinner. Kids happy about it.

8pm. Get the sheets out of the dryer and make bed. Daughter's bath runs out of hot water. (That's about right, yet again)

10pm. Kids asleep. Another day finished.

midnight - exactly what the hell did I do with the last two hours again?!? NO. FUCKING. IDEA.