Saturday, January 30, 2010


I heard these words that did not please me. I thought I was going to lose my got-dam mind.

My daughter: Trevon said I'm hot.

Seven. She's 7 mother fuckin years old. So I asked her what that meant and she said "I don't know." Yeah - whatever. I went into a diatribe about how (the proverbial) "they" don't understand what they are talking about and they're using words they have no business using and blah blah blah

But I didn't say it - Trevon did.

She might be the apple of my eye, but I ain't stupid. I went on and on and on about how she can be pretty all day long, but it matters none if she ain't got nuthin in her head and can't figure out her school work and blah blah blah.

He also said he was gonna beat the crap out of Maria

Although I have met said Maria and believe she could use an ass whoopin (and her parents too), I lost my mind AGAIN at my daughter saying "crap" in front of me. I run a household where the word "stupid" is a travesty and she wanna come home talking like THIS?!?

I promise you I had to have a little talk with Jesus this week. Tole' him all about my troubles ... and she lucky He heard my fainted cry. Because, HAW-NEY ... there was about to be a revival of the pissed-off-gay-prican-daddy kind .... complete with wielded flip-flops and mile-a-minute speech impediments.

A 7-year old telling my 7-year old she's "hot." WTF!?!? Pass me the church fan - I need some air.


.::.~*Dovie*Lee*~.::. said...

Little boys are some of the most shameful! Parents just slack when it comes to raising little boys! LET THEM RUN WILD! and lock the daughters up in a steel cage! Just Unfair!