Sunday, January 3, 2010

JACK Fierce

Recently, I transcended my blog and actually decided to meet a fellow blogger and it wasn't the horror I was so sure it would be once I stepped from inside cyberspace into reality. It was wholly and completely normal. Dudes hanging out, having a few drinks (I had my share, I admit it!) and laughing it up to the unfinished ceiling. It's silly that it took me so long.

The reality is that JACK exists as a caricature of what I wish would be socially acceptable of me. Although my closest and dearest friends (you know who you are! heeeeeeyyyyyyy) know how really off-the-wall things can come flying out of my pie hole, for the most part life has toned me down. I don't always now say the things that come to mind ... and that shit still doesn't come easily. I find myself doing a lot of self-coaching, saying to myself "just let it go, don't say a thing ..." and many another mantra to simply let myself be the wise man who says nothing.

But for a very long time I was the fool who said whatever the fuck came to mind. My having created JACK allowed me to channel a lot of my nonsense into a world with no repercussions ... like, blogger can't fire me or refuse to be my friend anymore ... and it can't get pissed off at me for saying some nonsense. JACK, therefore, is the culmination of all the things the average person would like to say ... but doesn't.

JACK is unabashedly ... well, me. He is an accentuation of the attitude I carry, of the insatiable appetite for men I carry, and then some. JACK, in short, is fierce. Just all out there for the world to see (hear?) and all that. There are not many things the real me would share ... whereas JACK can't stop running his fucking mouth. I swear to the gods that I wish I could just sock him right in his goddam mouth sometimes.

See, the real me would say to the man who lost his erection, "it's cool, baby ... just hold me." And then JACK gets on his blog and talks about how the nigga couldn't get in if he had a map and a flashlight and I took him there! (Seriously, that's quoted from a previous blog post)

The real me listens intently ... JACK expresses his deep rooted desire for the bastard to shut the fuck up. PLEASE!

The real me is worth getting to know, worth befriending, worth loving. Just ask that handful of people I count myself blessed to know. I'm a good damn time!

JACK, however ... hmph! If he rears his ugly head, just shake yours at him and laugh at him. But he's a good damn time, too!

Yet there are rules ... JACK never breaks my confidence, or yours. IF I'm sworn to secrecy, so is JACK. He never crosses that line. NEVER.

All in all, JACK is my outlet - for your viewing pleasure. And as goddam sure as I am ... JACK, too, is fierce.

(without the motorcycle garb)

PS - Thanks for the invite out, fellow blogger. A total privilege.


.::.~*Dovie*Lee*~.::. said...

sounds like it was really enlightening...maybe you should try to meet more of ur fellow bloggers.

JACK said...

It really was enlightening - and I do need to get out more. And having blogging in common is already having SOMETHING in common.

Not like meeting some random dude at the club who makes you shriek as soon as the lights come on. I'm jus sayin ...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is was a great time with riveting people with very active imaginations..

JACK said...

Cute how you went anonymous. But I'll play along and pretend you didn't get the green light to poke around.

Imaginations are made to be active, anonymous. I've learned to keep mine in check ... things don't ever seem to come easy for me. Yet mine is playing tricks on me in true JACK-be-nimble fashion.

The Jaded NYer said...

I love them both, but when I finalize this bank heist plan I've been working of for the past decade, you best believe I'm calling JACK and not that other dude...

Wonder Man said...

maybe there should be a blogger convention

JACK said...

Funny - there IS a convention: