Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

It seems that I'm in the minority again - I really don't care that Michael Jackson is dead. I'm not sad about the music he'll never make and we'll never listen to. I'm not upset that his heart arrested. I'm not upset that attempts to revive him were fruitless. This day was ordained by God before he was born, before the beginning of time - and his time is here.

I have zero compassion for him. never have - His habit of touching children outshines any of his muscial legacy in my eyes. I'm a parent and I take that shit to heart. A friend of mine told me, "but he was acquitted!" My response? "So was OJ."

Such accusations do not follow honorable, respectable people - period. No one is accusing Judge Judy of pedophilia, nor Alex Rodriguez. Know why? Cuz they prefer adults. They and countless others of us do not touch children.

Say what you will about honoring someone in death - I will only do so if they were honorable in life. And since I'm not Christ, I have a list of things that are unforgiveable.

Touching children is one of those things.

I acknowledge that it is not my decision to make - I will let God be God. But whether he rests in peace or no - I don't care.

In more important news - I just sold my old loveseat and chair for $100.00. Cha-Ching!


The Jaded NYer said...

you're not in the minority; I stopped caring about what he did since Bad came out.

He had that one song I liked with Janet, but it wasn't the song it was the video... and I watched it more for Janet than him.

But I guess if one of my musical idols died I'd be all up in arms and crying and whatnot so I'll just NOT talk about it (Except here in your comments LOL)

JACK said...

if my musical idol touched kids, i'd find another idol. (i'm looking at YOU, R.Kelly)

JACK said...

Update: I just spent $76 of the $100 on a Nindendo DS on ebay. hmmmm - what to do with $24 ....

Rodrigo said...

Your views are not unfounded and it is worth noting that Michaels life was both amazing and tragic. I do not believe he touched children, I do believe that at many times in his life he found himself lonely. I have great respect for his profession, his talents and the legacy he has left behind. It all clicked when I saw them remove his body from the helicopter to the corners van, despite how he lived his life, ther is something very final about that scene,especially considering we all we one day pass away, Jackson in one of his now final journeys seemed just human and having the human experience. I have this daily unspoken prayer that goes to God that I'm going to leave with you.
Dear God, I want to do all the good I can, for as long as I can, For all the people I can, and I pray that when I reach the end of my journey my living will not be in vain.
Life is not about how we start, but how we end, the lives we touch, the difference we make and the legacy we leave behind.

Anonymous said...

Uh, are you saying O.J. reall did it?

Anyway, you are correct in saying that the amazing things MJ in his music career did will forever be overshadowed in the minds of many by his obsession with small boys.

Sadly, I do believe some kid some where is relieved.

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm a firm believer in speaking your mind, but I also think that one of the things that differentiates us from animals is our compassion and ability to decern when to be still.
To that end, was Michael ever found guilty of molesting boys - no. Is it possible that he did molest boys - anything is possible.
Ultimately, he'll be judge by the ONE who does know and WE are not privy to what happened/didn't happen during MJs life. The one thing we can offer is our compassion for his loved ones and a respect for the dead...simply because they lived. I suspect that your family would want that much shown to you regardless of what folks in your camp may have to say about your past.

Mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo. Respeta para que en tu tiempo te respeten.

Smarty Jones said...

OMG, I love this post! I'm enjoying reading all the different opinions about his life and his death.
I was a huge fan of his, I can't say that I kept all the posters and shit but I did love his music.
I get your point, he disgusted you, I'm sure you're not the only one. Your opinion is your opinion and you have a right to be as compassionate as you see fit, not as someone else sees fit.
Unfortunately in this country, we put our entertainers on pedastals and expect more of them than we should. He, Elvis, Pressley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Marvin Gaye and R. Kelly have all had their battles with some variation of this demon.
Because MJ became as big as he did and because there were multiple allegations over a period of two decades, of course he's been tried in the court of public opinion.
It's not right, but it is what it is.
Again, great post!

JACK said...

Rodrigo - I agree that life is not about how we start it, but I disagree it's about how we end it. It's about how we lived it - and I have zero respect for how MJ lived his life. His family deserves to mourn, but he is no different to me than any other mfer accused of touching kids ...

Curio - I believe there are many who are relieved.

Cocoa - Are you saying that because you're older, you're wiser than me? Not sure where the "diablo" cliche fits in but ok. More importantly, your insinuation that I am an animal for not being compassionate is your right ... but it's also mine to consider it a big ole bag of shit. It's like you didn't read what I wrote - I get to decide for whom I have compassion ... that I have none for MJ does not mean I am not compassionate. If the dead want my respect, they need to earn it while they live. (that's what my post says) and Michael did NOT earn it. Like my trust, I do not hand out my respect haphazardly. Further, I also said that I will let God be God and determine where his soul will ultimately lie - my point is that I really just don't care what the Lord's decision is.

Smarty - the idea of putting entertainers on a pedastal is really the issue ... just cuz the man was famous does not give him free reign to do what he wants ... yet, we'll stand behind the likes of R.Kelly and C.Brown and I.Turner as if the things they do are forgiveable because their crafts makes us wanna shake our asses. It's life, I suppose.

Cocoa Rican said...

I wasn't assuming that if I was older I was somehow smarter than Spanish comment was intended to say that though the devil may be given credit for knowing much for being the devil, he actually knows more because he's been around longer.
I didn't ask that you be compassionate for Michael, I asked that you show compassion for his family - children specifically - who lost a parent and a dad who was NEVER found guilt by two separate juries for crimes he was charged with. Lastly, I wouldn't call you - or anyone else for that matter - an animal. Here's the thing Jack, I was making an observation ask a blogger friend...I tend to see different perspectives via the comments to my blog and thought you may have used your comments area to do the same. It's hard for you to ask your blogger followers to please comment and then bash us when we do. You have my apology if by taking the time to read your posts and taking more time to give you a response I offended you. It certainly won't repeat itself.

JACK said...

Cocoa - I agree that the comments do bring about the potential for different perspectives ... your comment re: "what separates us from the animals" did come across as accusatory ... obviously that wasn't your intent, so I'm sorry I responded in kind. But you gotta give me that if someone calls you an animal that you kinds do get to consider it bullshit.

I understand your perspective, I do. As a father, however, I cannot understand how a 48 year old man would want to sleep in the same bed as my children and it be "sweet and innocent." I think the parents played a HUGE role in that, but that's not a free ticket to be inappropriate with children. The court of public opinion is alive here, I suppose - I do believe the jury got it wrong.

Ming said...

I just wrote something to this effect on Facebook and people were pissed! LOL!

Judgement is reserved for the Lord and for that fact, I hope MJ asked for forgiveness before he died. Now, with that being said where there is smoke there is fire. He may not have done any of those things, but he did something inappropiate enough to pay one kid off and go through a trial for another.

I respect him as an artist. I danced to his music and watched every tribute that has aired, but I WILL NOT put this man on a pedestal. I reserve that for GOD. I did not run out and buy all his music. All this nonsense about getting a stamp with his image, legislation passing to honor him, bullshit - plain and simple.

Imagine your child said Mike "Alledgedly" touched him. Would it matter that he was found innocent??? Would you be moonwalking then??? I doubt it.

I know that no one sin is bigger than the next and we will all be judged for our transgressions when that time comes. But, one thing God won't bring up to me at Judgment Day is why did I support and mourn a man to the point of idolation that molested kids. Period.

I respect his music and I'm sad he died a tortured soul. I even dropped a tear watching the tribute because of the sincere pain that was felt by the people that knew him. But, that's where it ends for me. MIKE is NOT the KING! GOD IS! People, we can not let our sense of right and wrong be clouded based off a person talent.

yet another black guy said...

Don't you DARE talk about Michael like that!

I'll do it :)