Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Serious

I've been in a mood, as is wont to happen to me. I kind of feel like my stars or planets aren't aligning and I've just been in a funk. I reached that point where I just wanted to say "Fuck You" to everybody and hole up in my house for an indefinite amount of time. I even wanted JACK to fuck off, but some of you piped in and saved him from certain death.

Over the past week, I had part II of III done of my floors. As of this writing, the great room, the foyer, the hallway, guest bath and my son's room all have laminate flooring. The old, nasty, "been-through-two-kids" carpeting is gone and the air really does feel cleaner. AHHHH.

Also got my new sofas in. If the carpeting was in bas shape, the sofas were in worse shape. But I didn't exactly get rid of the old sofas because they're worn but comfortable as hell and my roommate wants the sofa in her room.

Since I moved out of my apartment in Chicago to stay in Indianapolis for the summer, I've got tons of shit everywhere already, and now have two sets of furniture in the living room and so much laundry to do that a small child could easilt get lost in that pile of dirty clothes.

I made a ham today, green beans and deviled eggs too. So, the kitchen was a mess. And as usual my funk returned, this time aggravated by the mess that is my hosue right now. I'm just stressed right now because I can't get good sleep in a ransacked house. And that's what it looks like - a ransacked house ... like burgluars tore through it and got pissed that they couldn't find anything of value and deliberately tore shit up that wasn't even bothering them.

Like that.

So - if you don't hear from me for a minute ... it's because I need to spend every waking moment making sure this place gets cleaned up, one room at a time, one dryer load at a time ... one day at a time



fuzzy said...

the satisfaction you'll get when you're done will be outstanding!

clnmike said...

Cleaning can bee a form of therapy.