Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

No one comments anymore. It's frustrating, especially since READERS convinced me not to quit blogging.

I have a new rule: with the exception of Jaded, don't talk to me about my blog if you haven't posted comments. I'm tired of talking about it - that's why I write it down here.



E said...

Hi Jack. Actually thanks for visiting my blog a few weeks back. I've been falling in and out of blogging this year. But I'm working on getting it back together.

And I see you're in Chicago. Cool. I will read a bit more about your blog so I can talk about your blog...*LOL*.

Cocoa Rican said...

About a year ago I was at a cocktail party and a group of about 10 folks approached me about my blog. They all said they have read it throughout the year and call each other about it. They were from CA, NY, NJ...all to say, that they never comment, but always read. With time being so tight for folks, I've come to accept that folks don't comment as much, but always read. Write for yourself - a diary of sorts - and don't depend so much on the comments. ...or you can publish a book and see how you do on that front. LOL Ease up I said in my post today...they're not really into us that way. We're only THAT important in our own minds. ;)

JACK said...

E - Happy Reading!

Cocoa - That's Bullshit. I'm not writing so that other people can call each other and discuss. Discuss with ME, dammit. Otherwise, try the op ed page. Blogger is interactive.

Tiny said...

Well, I guess I should start commenting then puñeta!

Anonymous said...

Bite me. If I haven't earned a hard fought mother fucking exception after listening to your sorry PR ass all these years then you can kiss my ass. The ENTIRE thing. Next time I want someone to eat me because I'm a big fat Twinkie you ain't it.