Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Politics, for a minute

I remember when I was a little kid when Jesse Jackson tried to win the democratic nomination for President. What I remember was talk about whoever the first black man was to win such a bid would probably meet the same fate as Martin Luther King Jr. or John F. Kennedy. I remember those conversations well, had in the inner city of New York. We, and when I say “we” I mean the multicultural group of people that we were, also had conversations about what cojones it would take for a black man to even want to embark on such a journey. One of the poignant issues in those discussion was whether or not this man’s wife would actually allow it.

And I am remembering these conversations last night as I listened to Obama speak in Minnesota as the presumptive nominee for President. I had a myriad of thoughts at lightning fast speed, about how this man also has cojones giving this speech in the house where republicans would officially nominate THEIR presumptive nominee …

And then the talk about his running mate. Hillary? Seriously?!?!?

I think I’ve proven my point that this man has some big brass cojones – and so I don’t see this man having a problem choosing someone else (Evan Bayh, Bill Richardson or even John Edwards) especially considering that Hillary’s been somewhat of a bitch to him trying to oust him from the running, playing the “girl card” and brining up racial issues and calling him out for all sorts of shit that McCain is likely to use against him. Hillary? My advice, President Obama is to keep it moving.

And granted, I’m biased … it’s either been a Bush or a Clinton in the White House since 1980 (Bush Sr. was V.P. from 1980-1988, then President till ’92, then Clinton through 2000 and then Bush Jr was President for the longest two terms I’ve ever lived) and I just can’t justify ping-ponging this ball back into the Clinton household. After all, this is a democracy, not some autocracy or dictatorship or whatever that we just hand from one family to another.

Go on wit’ yo’ bad self Obama … and my advice is to find your veep somewhere else. I mentioned three parenthetically that I’m good with. Just stay away from those old people – they’ll render your “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN” slogan a bit useless. Under 55 only, please. (And for the record, H doesn’t fall into this category)


The F$%K it List said...


Pantsy (as I call her) is not a good choice, its almost like giving the clintons the gun and ammo. I wish John Edwards would reconsider the nomination(wouldn't we have the smartest and most handsome white house ever).

I just had another debate with my husband about Barack Obama and it makes me furious when he calls to tell me what older people are saying which makes him think maybe Obama can't win. I don't understand my people, complain about your treatment all these 400+ years but when your own stands up and shows you that things can change you don't respond in kind. UGH!

rant done...sorry about that.

JACK said...

Rant away.

I am in the midst of a debate with a friend who said that the onyl reason people are voting for obama is because he's black. So, I called him a racist. He got all sorts of offended, but the way I see it if you're thinking along those lines and wanna fix your mouth to say some shit like that, yuh - pretty much race is a factor for you.

I'm not gonna lie - the fact that he's black is a bonus in my mind, but to say that I voted for him BECAUSE he's black is ridiculous. One, I wasn't backing him from the beginning - as I got to know him and his platform, I was drawn. And two, if it was Al Sharpton running for president, I sure as HELL wouldn't vote for him. And for the record, Al Sharpton is black.

John Edwards is a decent choice for veep. But I've got to really give this Bill Richardson angle some thought, too.

The F$%K it List said...

I agree your friend is a racist, and probably not intentionally.

I think its just a bonus that he is Black but more importantly he has a view that this country is hungry for. Even all the racist in West Virginia,please tell me you have seen that video?!

JACK said...

Actually, I haven't seen it. But if it's the one I heard about on the radio, it's when folks were saying they weren't votin for no muslim?

The F$%K it List said...

Its way worse than that. Here it is on my blog.

One woman actually says she thinks she would only vote Hillary because she thinks she knows the star spangled banner. another said she thinks America should be run by Americans HUH What?! Ooh just watch it, I was like uhm yeah YT has some issues.

JACK said...

In closing - I wish I hadn't seen that video. Ugh.