Monday, June 2, 2008

It wasn't me!

"Shy town" (to spell it so that the electric company can't find me) is weird. So, I'm new to this town and all I know is that I signed a lease for an apartment where I will reside occasionally and that gas was included. What totally didn't occurred to me is that electricity is not.

And why wouldn't something like this occur to me, you ask? Hmmmm - well, the fridge is on, all the outlets work and I just moved on in, plugged in what needed to be plugged in and it all just worked.

So, I'm talking to a friend of mine in town and as we sit there talking, it dawns on me - hey, I never got a bill from the electric company. It further sinks in that I never actually set up an account. So, I look around confused as to why everything works.

Apparently, the building has an account and none of the units go dark - the building gets charged for all the charges until I transfer it into my name. Who the hell knew! So, I signed a lease on April 30 and just NOW registered online to transfer the apartment's electricity from the building's account into my name.

So, my tactic here is to claim complete ignorance should it ever come up. I'm just going to say that a friend told me I had to register my apartment online and so I did. But in my defense, the folks in the leasing office didn't mention this to me NOT ONCE. They were so damn happy to see my salary and credit score (seriously, they approved me MINUTES and the leasing agent told me she told corporate "He's Good! He's Good!") that they just signed me up and welcomed me home.

If this ends up costing me a lot of fucking green - I'm going to be mad. I have spent less than 10 nights in that apartment since signing the lease last month and there's just no way in hell I owe them more than like 10 bucks.

But anyway - live and learn.

Who the hell keeps the lights on in an apartment and doesn't tell the tenant that he has to move it off of their name? For God's sake, I'm from out of town and never lived in this city a day in my life!

Anyway - keep your fingers crossed - I'm hiding from the building manager. Come on and tip toe with me through the lobby. And shhhh! not even a whisper.


The F$%K it List said...

Ha this happened to me recently with the gas company. But when I finally acct to my name the bill came for $1400,WTF????

I called and told them fix this ASAP. I have to find a house soon because I can't take it anymore and its only been a month.