Friday, June 27, 2008

I just don't get it

I've learned a hard lesson - don't get caught up in no credit agreement with no nigga, no matter how long you've been dating. (So you can totally skip any comments on how STUPID a decision this was to make in the first place - I already know)

I just can't explain the decision THAT MOTHER FUCKER is making by not wanting to buy the car he's been driving for the last 18 months. The title, registration and insurance is in my name and he pays a "monthly" payment to me ("monthly" is the CP Time equivalent of monthly) and it's been more than 4 months since we called our relationship quits.

So, I let him know that he should get a loan or something to buy the car from me ... in fact, I didn't even name a price - I told him to make an offer. And I promise you, I was willing to accept 25% of what I owe on it to stop the madness - he just needed to make an offer. And I gave him three months to do it.

But no, it seems the mfer is squatting and now talking about small claims court to force me to honor our verbal contract. Really?!? Your stupid ass wants to continue to pay your ex-boyfriend for the car you drive?

I need some objectivity here - so, please feel free to comment. What is this shit about? Is he afraid to actually be self-sufficient? Is it something to hang on to the past with? Is he just lazy about trying to secure a loan? I don't understand - it's $2000 and even with the highest of interest rates, it's less than $100 a month on a 36-month term.

Um, you should know that I have fought court battles before, in family court re: child custody, and small claims court isn't at all scary to me. I'm just really, truly confused about what this man is really thinking - I just don't get it. He has no history of timely payments, there was never any discussion about doing this indefinitely and I've gotten emails about how he was in the hospital and didn't send a check, or was out of work and was on unemployment or that a money order was lost in the mail and it takes 60 days to cancel it. So, yuh - not afriad of small claims court if the stupid mfer wants to take it there.

Again - my issue is this:



The Jaded NYer said...

as someone with a lil more insight on the situation, I think he's already established the fact that he is not ready to be a grown up- emotionally or otherwise. Just look at the roommate situation!

and we all know how that fool likes to play the victim...

just place an ad in the paper for the car and sell it out from under him. enough is enough with this PUNK!!!

you gave him ample time to settle this matter and he sat on his ass. He forced your hand on this.

just my opinion

Oh, and BTW: I HATE HIM!!!

and PS PS- Lani offered to come over there with me to beat his ass for being such a li bitch!!

that is all...