Thursday, May 8, 2008

Woe is me

Well, since hazel eyes wasn't an option, I sent a few texts and got a friend on the phone. Now, I use the term "friend" quite loosely, but it wouldn't make any sense if I said, "I got a 'benefits' on the phone," so I went with friend.

Here's the short version: he's not for me but he always seems to be available when I'm desparate, so whatever.

I phrase it that way so that you understand how WEIRDED out I am by the fact that she said if I was in town on Sunday to give him a call. I said that it was mother's day and he was going to be at his moms house and that prolly not. His response was that it was cool, it's a big party - everyone will be there.

Everyone except me, nigga!! I mean, seriously?!?! I'm not going to visit MY mom (she's 700 miles away) on Sunday and you think I'm going to visit YOURS?!? I don't even know this man's birthday or favorite color ... or even his fucking HEIGHT. I know that horizontally everyone can reach everything ... but that's HARDLY "take home to momma" material, carajo!

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me - choosing these damn people that don't make no damn sense ... I mean, this is the same guy who wanted to go on a carriage ride through the middle of downtown indianapolis on our first date. Whatever, I went ... even though it was a STUPID idea because it was in the dead of mother fucking WINTER! I learned a big lesson that day and well ...

this mother's day ain't no damn carriage ride.


Anonymous said...

A carraige ride in winter? Ewww! That's like the russian reading Carrey poetry. STOP IT!

Man, you definitely need a jump off, and quickly.