Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well, of COURSE ...

I'm sitting outside of the hotel, having a smoke and rocking back and forth on the rocking chair conveniently located next to ashtray. I'm totally loving this place for that reason alone ... but THEN ...
I notice the dude. Brown skin, hazel eyes, white T and a pair of jeans ... looking all like everything my eyes wanted to see. And see they did ... We caught each other's glance and I let him watch me look him up and down while he stood there talking on the phone. When I came back to his eyes, he was still looking at me. I think I might have licked my lips - I'm not sure.
His fitted was on backwards and I'm just in heaven ... I'm on a business trip, in a hotel - he's in the hotel ... seems to be alone ... and really, isn't this the perfect set up? I go back home, he goes back home "y ya." Well, because let's face it - I have way too many expectations from a relationship and night (or two or three) of fun in some hotel in Nashville wouldn't hurt a damn SOUL.
Well, he disappears into the hotel and I'm still stuck talking to these collegues ... well, he's gone and so I go back into the classroom. And wouldn't you fucking know it ... an eight story hotel, with hundreds of rooms and hundreds of people ... and THIS mother fucker is sitting in the classroom. One row in front of me and one seat over.
You would think this is a good thing, no? Well - it isn't. His being in that classroom classifies him under my firm's non-frat policy. Damn him and those hazel eyes!!! I had the chance to speak to him when it was just me and him at the break station, but I got my coffee without saying a word and he walked off back into the classroom. And later - while riding the elevator with two other students, he rode with us. He didn't speak and I didn't engage him in the conversation.
No dick is good enough to go destitute for ... that's all I'm saying.
(but daaaayyyyyymmmmmmm)


The Jaded NYer said...


pinche no fraternizing policy from H-E-L-L!!!

Anonymous said...

"I think I might have licked my lips - I'm not sure."


JACK said...

Jaded - my sentiments exactly. The dynamic is totally different today. Which TOTALLY sucks. The hotel switched our classroom to another room today and when I walked in, the seat next to him was empty and I beelined it ... to another seat. *mumbles*

Irene - Stop laughin, it's impulse.