Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm overwhelmed

I’m overwhelmed.

I started this new job and I got all of zero orientation – just a whole lot of work to do. In fact, this is my third week and I have spent a total of 5 days in the office, 4 in all-day meeting, and am taking a 6 days course now. I am a driving fool and am totally spent.

Let me see, drove from indy to Chicago, drove back to indy, drove from indy to Nashville and on Saturday will drive back to Indianapolis to drive back to Chicago Monday morning. In addition, spending time with my kids, these stupid 6 credit hours I took this semester (I already decided to take an incomplete from on professor and he approved it), and another 4 this summer in the hopes of completing this stupid degree by May 2009.

OH – and I own a home in Indianapolis, just rented an apartment in Chicago … have spent 5 nights in my home and zero in my apartment in the last three weeks. But I had 9 nights in a hotel in Chicago and am working on six here in Nashville.

And then after all this – I have work to do. Like REAL work. You would’ve thought I was a T-Bone and the staff at this place was starved for a week… they are so glad that I am there and then throw work at me. Meanwhile, I have no idea what protocol is (apparently, I was supposed to fill out some form to say I was out of the office), am told I have medical insurance, but no cards yet … and they’ve yet to order my laptop, which seriously impacts my ability to get work done when I’m in a hotel.

And let’s not forget the flat tire on the mag mile, or the fact that having changed two tires wasn’t enough – apparently, the other two need to go as well. And I’m in Nashville. The place that changed my tires originally? In Chicago.

Problem is – this is par for the course for me. Life just sucks. And the fucking space bar on this business center computer STICKS.

And now I’m ventilated and going to sleep. Nite all.


Anonymous said...

Wait, where the fuck are you? Chicago? Indy?? Nashville? Mars?

And what exactly is it you do for these wonderful people who won't give you a laptop or your mdecial insurance cards?

JACK said...

Right now -in Nashville. And my job description is: office bitch.

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO@ office bitch!!!!!

cono you have me DYING over here!!!

The F$%K it List said...

SMH at office bitch! But i feel you. You need a vacation ALREADY!