Thursday, May 7, 2009

Master JACK

Well, folks - I have officially completed my graduate career, having worked on my degree part time since January 2006. Three point five years worth of working full time, traveling like a mfer, raising kids, fighting PF, getting shit canned, looking for a job, dating THAT mother fucker, putting THAT mother fucker in the past, starting a blog, keeping a blog ... and working on my degree part time!

It's over.

I completed my portfolio and got an A. My final GPA is a 3.733 and I'm done. On Sunday, I walk down the aisle to get my damn degree and all that jazz. There's a hooding ceremony (cuz I'm a MASTER now) and the best part of it all?

My babies will be there to see it all.

Now babies, you done seent daddy get his damn masters degree while he been raising your asses ... so, you do realize that you're going to college, right? Right. Don't make me drag your 18 year old, not-wanting-go-to-college, ass all over town by your ankles. You're going to college. Y YA!

But seriously, it means so much to me that they will be there to witness it ... it's really what it's all about ... making sure the babies have more and better than I am and have. They gon be all dolled up in their Sunday best and we're going to make a big, big BIG deal out of it ... not because I want a damn party

(because trust me, if that was the case, there'd be TONS of libation and kids wouldn't be allowed to witness the revelry)


You're free to hang out on the corner with a 40 in the brown paper bag AFTER you get your degree.

Cuz I love you.


RunningMom said...

"You're free to hang out on the corner with a 40 in the brown paper bag AFTER you get your degree. Cuz I love you."


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! I'm right behind you, with the Bachelor's - I MIGHT go back for my Masters once my son is grown, out of the house and I am bored to death...But probably not.. lol

fuzzy said...

What an accomplishment! Congrats!!!

You grab one ankle and I'll have the other...

Super Dave Van Buren said...

*walks in all late,hungover and smelling like cheap women*

Congrats!! being a role model for your kids is the most important thing.