Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes, Like That

Hidden beneath the surface
But not too deeply
Is a me that you almost know
And he makes you think of him
On occasion
As if it were a dream you’re having
Where the person is the person
But it’s a totally different person
I don’t look like me
Or sound like me
But it’s me
You know it’s me
But it’s not the me you know
So you shake it off
As it were sleep in the dead of night
While you’re behind the wheel
On a long trip
With nowhere to go


clnmike said...

That was deep.

indiscernible1 said...

"Jack Martinez" or whatever the heck your name is...

I'm just letting you know that you have a new stalker....ummm scratch that, I mean a new fan.

I ran up on your blog purely by accident but was hooked almost immediatedly. And spent a good part of my weekend enjoying your humor and catching up on posts.

Not really a stalker, I don't think anyway, but just wanted to drop ya a line to say thanks for makin my weekend a little better.