Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cultural Antropology: Take I

Ethnology is the study of culture. Let's start with the "Fist Bump"

In the video above, Michelle Obama initiates a "fist bump" with her husband. It is a sign of togetherness, it is a salutation, it is a celebratory touch. First and foremost, it is NOT terrorism.

Secondly, the offical term is FIST BUMP. It must never, EVER be called anything else. "Giving Pound" is a similar gesture involving the fist, but it's totally different. Other terms which may seem similar are equally inapproropriate. See here:

Again, it's a FIST BUMP.


T. R Xands said...

...can I just bring this to my Anthropology class? And my african american history class?

fuzzy said...

togetherness and unity IS so IMPORTANT! great models of how it is supposed to be done!

Sean Stone said...

You should have a weekly webinar on ethnology. Some people really need it.