Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just my luck

Long back-story short: I got fired, I got a job two months later in Chicago and moved ... I am now own a home in Indianapolis and an apartment in Chicago. I telecommute every other Thurs and Fri from my home in Indianapolis. Joy.

<--- That's the magnificent mile over there. It's totally where everything happens. All the hot shops, just beautiful ... and I was in a hotel on the company's dime for a week. It was so nice ... but apparently, it's still a busy city street wreaking havoc on every vehicle massaging it not so gently with rubber by Goodyear. And apparently, the mag mile took it's frustrations out on me. So, there I was - at 11 PM ... with a flat tire on the side of the road, on the mag mile. Funny how busy that fucking place is at 11PM. Busses homing their horn because apparently, I'm in their way and it's harder for them to pull into traffic from their bus stop with me in front of them. But I can't exactly MOVE, bitches! Then, the homeless guy. I promise you I'm convinced he shot a bee be at my front passenger continental just so that he could make a quick buck. He offered, I said no. And I proceeded to change the tire. And then, the peanut gallery:

  • You should losen the lugnuts first
  • You sure you don't need help
  • I can really do that for you

Cut to his 4 year old (who says he's two) in a stroller helping daddy panhandle ... YES, AT 11 PM! Finally, I just turned around, acquiesced (or rather succombed) to the pressure and said, "you know what - you just do it" ... and he did. But not before the car came off the jack and if not for the old tire somewhat in place already, I woulda had a WHOLE heap of problems.

Oh, did I mention that all of my belongings were in the car ... and I had to take all my shit out of the trunk in order to get to the spare tire? And the donut being smaller than a regular tire ... yuh, the flat didn't fit as neatly in the trunk and it was all a straight mess.

And I use the term "straight" loosely.


The Jaded NYer said...

Oh- that's just the Mag Mile's way of saying, "Welcome to the CHI!"

LMAO @ homeless dude pulling a fast one!!

The F$%K it List said...

I had to stalk you first to see if I liked you and I DO I REALLY DO! Your blog is awesome, so no more stalking I am commenting YEAH ME (oh wait YEAH You!)

Now for the post, The homeless are really bold out there. OOHHH it burns me up to see 4 year olds in a stroller feet and knees just sitting in their chest.

Anonymous said...

Ah...good 'ol Chicago!

Have a red hot for me.