Sunday, April 6, 2008

Every Man Has a Secret

I have been talking to "C" for nearly three years now ... and I know he was a warped sense of religion. For instance, he's uncomfortable with referring to God as "He" because he had a vision in which God refused to tell him whether He was male or female - apparently, gender is a human thing and not a God thing. So, it's "thy majesty." Not even MY magesty. "Thy."

We learned long ago not to broach the topic of religion because we are at completely different poles. We had a huge argument once that totally offended me and what I believe to be true about God and the Bible, thanks to growing up in a pew jumping protestant church, teaching bible school and giving sermons and even dressing up as a saved clown for the children. And, to boot, I was off to Bible School if it wasn't for my father who all but shook me violently until I understood that he wasn't with the idea. But that's a completely different story.

Anyway, so "C" prays every day to 'thy majesty' and is really (pun intended) religious about it. And he really wants me to pray everyday. Now, don't get me wrong - I know the value of prayer. But I have never been really consistent with it and I've just accepted that about me. It comes in waves ... and right now, the tide is LOW. So, why did he want to bring up the fact that I haven't been praying and that he's "noticed."

Am I crazy to have felt like he was being my dad and this was none of his business? I tried to manage the conversation with him but it got to the point that he says that he doesn't understand why I'm getting mad because we're talking about faith. Wait - I thought we were talking about prayer ... I'm unglued at this point because now you want to question my faith?!? If you know anything about my life right now, you would know that my faith is what is holding me together. I have said on many occasions recently, "The Lord has never let me down and he's not going to start now." It is my mantra right now as I stare in the face the harsh reality that I may soon not be able to make ends meet. I am being faithful.

So, the chip on his shoulder is really annoying and I turned off my cell phone so his text messages wouldn't bother me. I mean, soon he'll be like this:

And be the type of person who doesn't think the lyrics to this song are funny:

See, because even though I believe in God - I still have a sense of humor!

"C" I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, you damn mexican.



The Jaded NYer said...

I'm sure if we visited "c" we'd find a sock puppet with a picture of Jesus on it that he masturbates with.

I'm just sayin...

JACK said...

*steps away from the jaded nyer*