Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Cuddle Buddy

My son lost his two front teeth this past week. It's so cute. He let me know that he might not be kissing right because of his teeth. I swear to God I love that boy to the death.

He got to calling me his cuddle buddy at some point. It just stuck. We're cuddle buddies. Thing is that he just fits ... I don't know how else to explain it. He fits perfectly when I hold him, perfectly when he lays his head on my lap, perfectly when he just crawls on top of me to lay and watch TV. He's a little bit, really - like 42 pounds or something. And he's just so comfy.

He's an affection little booger and I miss him. I'm in a hotel room in Nashville, alone. And I'm not out and about being a ho, or looking for some random brutha to stop on in and let me have it. I'm not even trippin for another man's company.

But my little man - I wish he were here so we could play video games and laugh and watch movies and eat popcorn and so that I could hear him say, "I love you, Cuddle Buddy."

I love you, too, cuddle buddy.


Ty said...

You should send him a video of you just saying that you miss/love him. And, maybe, whoever is watching him can help him send you a video message. Cherish the moments

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Kids give magic hugs. My daughter likes me to tickle her neck with my beard. It is really about the little things