Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
This is an honest to God REAL message sent to me on Adam

is ok i didint mean to be rude imsorry papi i like you andi loved to host manwhats yoru number name and email XXXXXXhere yoaure sosexy cute maculiemahco iwnate dyou love dthat face alotand sorry for typosi recentlyhad catarts eye surgery is healign ilivenorthXXXXXXand XXXXXXandyou iloved thsoe eyes andibet you youarea ana wesoemhugger kiserand imsure abig huge fr shootercorrect i loved to invite youvoer iamofthrusdyapmaftenon whas yorunaenubmer email loved to trade new pics i amas wela film director writerandphotogrpaerh fro 25 years doignthre filsm and two boks oneofmy booksishow tmeet guysinteh internetpapi XXXXXXhere emailedmemore more pcis to XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.comimsorryifisouded rude i didntmeantoidolieteh ruels ihoepwecnamet sexy loved to see you witha footabljersyeandcapmanwof XXXXX very sincerely

Obviously, I've omitted his name and the cross streets of his nearest intersection ... but if you come across a book on how "tmeet guyinteh internet," JACK suggests you save your money. He'll have people thinking, like he had me thinking, that they remind you of a hamburger. (I think he suspects I'm an awesome hugger? *shrug* ) For the record, he's been blocked.


The Jaded NYer said...


Was that English??

JACK said...

um, unfortunately, yes.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lmao.. i think I just killed some brain cells trying to read that.

Miss P said...

i gave up after the first 3 lines.

Ty said...

I know he said that he had eye surgery but was it both eyes?!? LOL

JACK said...

Superdave: LOL - I killed so many I didn't realize that's what had happened.

Miss P: He didn't get your attention either, huh?

Ty: LMAOOOOOO. Nigga need a walking stick, apparently. Wonder how many times it took him to log in.