Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prognosis? Grim.

I pulled this from the show's site, so if I get in trouble - at least it's free advertising! But I love the Special Victim's Unit - love it. I was watching it last night, the one with Carol Burnett. OMG, crazy good. hella good. DOPE. (Whatever the kids are saying these days) I've always liked that Carol - she usually makes me laugh (remember the curtain she wore as a dress? omg! too much) but she tore UP her role on SVU last night. I won't spoil it.

But suffice it to say someone died. There was some subplot about cancer and shortened lifespans and 4 months to live and blah blah blah. But anyway, I'm way digressing here - I got to thinking about that this afternoon in light of a certain situation I find myself in at work.

A coworker - right? We're supposed to be tight. (it's gonna get good - he said "supposed to be") You know, like I got your back and you got mine and all that. Well, she straight up done lost her mind on my via email copying our boss, the mayor of chicago, obama and Jesus Christ himself. I was taken aback, confused - and really just pretty disappointed.

And you know what? If you throw me under the bus, in WRITING no less, I guaran-go-dam-tee you that I don't trust you. Well, what to do if it's someone you're supposed to be close to?

You stop trusting them.

And I'm kind of mourning the end of what I thought existed, but that apparently didn't. I mean, we talked this morning and smoothed things over - well enough to continue to work in the same office together.

(as in we office-share, SAME office)

So, she has her side too - she felt that I was attacking her in my email ... because I copied our boss on my initial note to explain the problem a client had. Note, I was in Tenneessee and said client was looking me dead in the face - I emailed in and explained the situation and that the client wanted his money back. I can't make that decision, but my boss can. I copied my coworker because the client's account is actually under her auspices and she thought I had no business copying the boss. But I was emailing the boss for permission to tell this man we'll ignore the $2,000 invoice we sent him and copying her as a courtesy.

All that said, maybe it seems petty. But what is NOT petty, is that her initial instinct was to mistrust me. I really thought we were better than that - that she would at least stop and think "well, this is JACK ... and not some schmuck passin me by on the street' or something along that vein.

But no ...

And I'm realizing that this friendship received a very grim prognosis - we're really only just coworkers.


Anonymous said...

Stop looking so hard for another me. You'll never find her. Sorry, but I'm just that great and we special tight.

Anonymous said...


I found out a long time ago not to trust the people you work with. Sure, you can be friendly and get to know each other. But in the end its a puppy eat puppy world. And some puppies stink!

JACK said...

Ain't nobody trying to replace you, hawny. I loves you.

Irene - I need a co-worker house breaking wee-wee pad.