Friday, December 12, 2008

When stupid moments happen to smart people

You know, I have never taken an "official" IQ test, but the unoffical ones online tell me I'd fare well. Certainly not Einstein level, but I'll do better that just barely break triple digits. But I've got to tell you - sometimes, I'm the stupidest mother fucker I know.

    1. I am not out at work and while discussing Callin In Gay day, I was saying about how gay people want the world to know that "we" ..... well, that they want to know that "WE" understand what they contribute to society.
    2. I'm pretty much out at work now.
    3. I was texting nice with the ex-wife the other day ... as in, funny HA HA jokes and I actually kinda thought it was cool. I decided to buy her a Christmas present. I'm an idiot.
    4. True to form, since I was texting with the ex-wife, I got to thinking about THAT Mother Fucker and about how he is a good person in his own right. And I ended up sending him a note sayin "Hello, Sir :-)"
    5. He hasn't responded and I'm kinda freaking out that I did it.
    6. I am totally living paycheck to paycheck, especially with living in two cities, and I have this hangnail that won't quit. On my pinky toe (call back to Della Reese in Harlem Nights ... I really wish someone WOULD shoot it!). And so I scheduled a pedicure, errr Foot Maintenance, tomorrow so that can fix this shit. Right, no money, but I'm paying for a pedi. When I could really do this myself. Idiot.
    7. I bought myself that damn electric mattress pad - FUCKING idiot.
    8. Have you read my other blog post where I can't keep it straight who's who that I've met online? Oh - I didn't tell you that I've added more mens to the list? Right - I can't keep it straight as it is, so I add more variables. Fucking BRILLIANT!
    9. I think I want to have my mom over for Christmas, but that means I have to drive with her in the car. For 10 hours. With just me and my mom. omg - I'm not just an idiot, I'm fucking CRAZY too.
    10. I need to complete a paper for school - for a class I took this summer and took a grade of I (incomplete) for and I started writing the paper on my laptop. But I left the laptop at work ... and my reference material in my apartment. Neither with me, nor together, and both 300 miles away.
    11. Did I swallow a stupid pill by accident? Because the other day, I took 60 miligrams of a medicine I was supposed to take only 20 miligrams of ... and i was a str8 mess!

I'm going to need someone to smack the stupid out of me. Any takers?


PRIMO said...

#1&2: Yeah it sounds like you might've outed yourself buddy lol.

#6:Living paycheck to paycheck is something I know all to well & I cant wait for this shit to end

#8: 2 funny... Shit I wish I had men to mix up.....Good luck with that tho lol.

#10: Wow! That sucks big time amigo. I learned to save everything on a flash drive I have been screwed by too many teahers to not have a backup. lol.

All in all god luck!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - you're hilarious! Really you are!

We've got the dates for the Blogger Family Reunion...5/15-5/17!!!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I enjoyed taking note of who didn't come to work on "Callin Gay Day" then asking them if they were on the DL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack!

4 & 5: I wouldn't worry about it. He probably still has some kind of grudge.

8: Perhaps you should incorporate the use of flash cards for your mens 'n 'em.