Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chinese (Dominican/Puerto Rican) Experiment - TAKE II

I flipped the script on JADED today. She threatened to make the switch to our FB faux relationship to "it's complicated." Instead, and sneakily, I made the change.

Interesting thing here - it told me that she needed to confirm the status of the relationship, but as soon as I changed it my profile said "it's complicated." Didn't bother waiting for her to confirm it. And then, within minutes, our text exchange:

I'm NOT confirming that we are in a complicated relationship. I REFUSE! How dare you, carajo?! Don't you know who I am? You think you can do BETTER?

Mine says complicated. I don't care what you do.

*sobs* How can you humiliate me like this?!? ON FACEBOOK?!?

Who's this?


It's funny how that in real life, one person can decide a relationship is complicated and it just is. I mean, I might think everything is fine but if my man is struggling with it - then it's complicated. But, really - what the fuck does that mean? A Complicated Relationship.

What *IS* a complicated relationship? I've always thought it was pretty cut and dry. Relationships are riddled with ups and downs ... what's so complicated?

Any thoughts?


yet another black guy said...

complicated is "we're having a problem and 1 of us isn't seeing it my way" lol

JACK said...

LOL. psssshhhh, that one's easily met with the

*blank stare*

The Jaded NYer said...

If I get a call from my mom about this... UGH... I'm still mad you beat me to the punch!!

JACK said...

Definitely one of my finer moments, Jaded! MMUUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

And if your mom calls you about this, it will only prove what we talked about earlier ... too many people in your Got Dam bizness on FB.