Friday, July 10, 2009


Modern-day vernacular keeps the people at Meriam-Webster busy, I'm sure. I mean, do we add "LOL" to the dictionary, or not!? No, we don't ... but FRENEMY, yes.

Frenemy (1977): one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.

That shit is important to spell out. And Oxford didn't let me down with this other new, and equally importnat, entry:

Sock puppet (1959): a false online identity used for deceptive purposes.

And here you thought it was when you put your hand in a sock and made it talk. Silly minions, I mean ... Americans.

But there ARE some entries I'm proud of ...

Earmark (15c): a provision in Congressional legislation that allocates a specified amount of money for a specific project, program, or organization.

THAT shit is important to understand. Besides, kids should TOTALLY be using actual book marks to hold their places when reading ... especially library books.

And how about THIS new entry?

Reggaeton (2003): popular music of Puerto Rican origin that combines rap with Caribbean rhythms.

I'm proud, in a "OMG, it say puerto rican in that definition" yet "hasn't that style of music really run its course" sort of way.

There's more here if you're interested.