Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wisdom and Pain

On Monday, I had two wisdom teeth extracted. They were impacted and one was actually beginning to protrude through my gum! I could reach back there and flick at it with my nail and it would make that sound you hear when you flick your two front teeth to say FUCK YOU to whoever. (Is that like a greek thing? Whatever, focus Jack ... focus.) Except this time (I had the bottom two done several months ago) I decided to go with the gas. Nitrous Oxide. Have you heard of this stuff? It's a wonder it isn't higher on the list of abused "drugs." It's like oxyconton in breathable form.

When I had the bottom two pulled, I went complete sedation. This time money was more of a factor so I opted for the cheaper route. Hear me now and hear me very well: NEVER. EVER. DO THIS. It's this very weird state of being and you just kinda sit there numb to the world but totally aware of everything. And you can feel them poking and prodding and pulling at your teeth. And in my case, struggling with it. I could feel the pliers in my mouth and I could feel it crack the tooth ... yes, I was well aware. But, thanks to nitrous oxide, i didn't care.

While I was under, I learned that the dental assistant didn't like going to the fountain square office and that people had asked the oral surgeon about her and if she like going there. Now, I have NO FUCKING idea where this fountain square place is ... but they really ought to know better that to discuss this shit. I'm lying there numb, not deaf and stupid. At one point I opened my eyes and looked at the hygenist and she smiles. Fucking smiles ... you know what normal people do when someone smiles at them? They smile back - that's what they do! And doped up laying there in the chair with the oral surgeon's hands and equipment (i.e. PLIERS) in my mouth, my stupid ass tried to smile back.

So, wisdom teeth - so called because they want to crown later in life ... getting them out causes extreme pain ... these stictches in my mouth are a son of a bitch. And I got to thinking ... with wisdom comes pain? Or really, is wisdom a result of pain?

Maybe the nitrous hasn't worn off.


The Jaded NYer said...

with wisdom comes pain? Or really, is wisdom a result of pain?

Why did you just blow my mind with these questions?

I could make a case for the former in that, when I acquired more knowledge of, say, Western Civilization and World Religions, there was a definite pain attached to the loss of my "innocence" because there was no more blind faith for me. That was gone and reality is a sonofabitch.

But the latter is also applicable; think of the kid that burns his hand on the stove and learns to never touch the stove again. Or the girl who carelessly engages in risky behavior only to get burned, too, and learns that, hey, maybe I should make some better choices in life...

I *heart* this post.

But now my head hurts from thinking so I'm mad at you.

JACK said...

I agree with your assessment. I felt that the former was so much more thought provoking ... in that the more you know, the more life SUCKS.

But the latter ... I mean, think of the wisdom of the Women of Brewster Place - a result of pain for SURE!

(And if my son ever wants me to put up the house as bond to get him out of jail ... I'll just send him some lube.)

Anonymous said...


I can make a personal case for both.

I also feel that they can be cyclical. (did I spell that right?)

Anonymous said...

Oh, would you mind if I added your blog to the links on my blog?

JACK said...

Have at it - the more the merrier.

Come one, come all!

(I like the second one better - let's go with that one)

The F_Uitlist said...

Love love the Nitrous Oxide, I can't be put under because I always wake up all hysterical.

But once it wears off here comes the pain!

I really like your blog so now I will comment more often (had to blog stalk you first LOL)