Monday, February 9, 2009

Cry me a river

Ok, so they both canceled their grammy performances. Chris Brown is accused of hitting a woman. The woman is unidentified. Of course, since there is no report of Rihanna being incarcerated for going on a rampage against said mystery woman and Chris Brown himself, I think it's safe to assume that it's Rihanna that he hit.

Now, you know JGC is not your mainstream current events recap blog, right? Right. So here is what pisses me off - It's already talk of the town that Rihanna is catching flack for 'snitching.' REALLY? The No Snitching rule now applies to domestic abuse? You're kidding me right?

Ok, so I'm going to just ignore the fact that GROWN ASS MEN abide by a rule called "no snitching." Let's just ignore that fact. There are certain instances where the no snitching rule should absolutely NOT apply. In my opinion, those include:

1) Sexual assualt
2) Welfare of a child
3) Domestic abuse

Now, I know this fucks up all sorts of pretty little happy safe havens created by years of ridiculous rules and fear. But, if you wanna sell dope to another grown adult who buys it willingly and then figures out how to be a productive member of society only after doing some good blow before breakfast ... great. None of my business.

Sell it to a kid? - rule doesn't apply.

You wanna run around town slingin dick into every bitch that wants to take it, raw or otherwise - have at it. None of my business.

Force yourself on her? - rule doesn't apply.

You wanna have a heated argument with your spouse/lover/concubine, whatever - have at it.

Punch her (or him) in the mouth? - rule doesn't apply.

That's my stance. So, looka here - if Mr. Brown took a swing at that bitch ... he gotta answer for it. She had every right to make that call. Period.

Actually no - not period. Look ...

I know ALL about then Bajans. TRUST ME. Can't NOBODY push a man closer to the brink of "I'm a beat the ever living fuck out this cunt" that PF - TRUST ME PEOPLE. (Help me out here Jaded!) ... Bajan woman can be vindictive and maddening and provoking as only carribean women can be ... I get that. But even JACK managed some self restraint. And if JACK can .. Mr. Brown can. He can join that support group Ike left behind.

Wait - no this mother fucker is NOT trying to say that he *had* to do steroids because of the pressure that came with being the highest paid man in baseball. Is that right? Is THAT what this nigga is saying now?

On who's leather couch did this whiney bitch lay complaining that he makes too much money? I want to meet this M.D. and sling my dick across his face ... and leave a welt.

Come on, A-Rod. You want sympathy here? You make a million dollars a minute and you're trying to explain it away by saying you had to take steroids in order to maintain? Nigga, try Xanax or Clonazopam or Zoloft or Lexapro or Efexor or you know what ... suck a dick! That ALWAYS helps me.

I just can't believe what I'm reading - it's like a fucking mess over there on yahoo news. (That's where the pics came from) I'm going to just pass over the insane mother fuckin single woman with six kids who had 8 fertilized eggs inserted into her uterus. I'm just going to leave that one alone.

But tune in next week when I'll analyze how she made tons of money by selling her kids to Michael Jackson.

stupid shit. just STUPID.


Bangs and a Bun said...

AMEN to allllll of that.

clnmike said...

Chris Brown desreves to be called out if he did what he did.

But I can understand A-Rod reasoning though.

JACK said...

clnmike - His reasoning is a bunch of bullshit, frankly. He's too damn stressed making so much money ... right, because a man with TONS of scruples *always* takes steroids.